VW Open to Electrifying Jetta And Using Conventional Names For Future EVs



Volkswagen is considering introducing EV versions of the newly announced Jetta and other conventional cars in its range.

In response to a question from CarScoops at the unveil of the new compact sedan, a VW representative said that “conventional names are not off the table for EVs – it’s definitely an option,” adding that they could live “alongside” the newer ID cars.

That stance represents a U-turn on VW’s current policy of only building electric cars and SUVs under the ID banner, but is not entirely unexpected. For one, it acknowledges what the success of the Jetta proves: that many buyers, particularly in North America prefer traditional looking cars to more adventurous designs like the ID.3 and ID.4.

And the fact that those buyers prefer conservative styling doesn’t mean they’re going to be reactionary in their powertrain choices and will want to doggedly stick with ICE power rather than switch to an EV.

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Eventually, of course, buyers will have almost no choice but to go EV, either as a result of government mandates or commitments by the carmakers themselves. VW has already asserted its belief that 70 per cent of its European sales and half of its U.S. and China sales will come from EVs by 2030, and that’s not going to happen simply by selling more ID.4s.

Though the ID family will grow throughout the remainder of the decade to include exciting products such as the production version of the ID.Buzz, it’s inconceivable that Volkswagen would kill off golden geese like the Golf and Jetta, rather than offer EV options. Crucially, the ongoing success of the Jetta shows there’s still a demand for sedans in markets like the U.S., while all of VW’s existing and planned ID cars are either hatchbacks, SUVs or people carriers.

How VW would create an EV Jetta remains to be seen. VW previously sold Golf EVs, which were regular Golf hatchbacks whose ICE engine was replaced by a front-mounted electric motor. But the new ID electric cars are built on the VW Group’s dedicated MEB EV platform.

ID.3 and ID.4 use a bespoke EV platform

Would VW simply electrify the ICE Jetta, or do what Porsche is doing with the Macan, and build two versions that look the same, but have entirely different platforms? Since the Jetta’s sales are relatively modest in a global context and the car is still based on the Mk7 Golf, which was offered in EV guise, we suspect the simple ICE-to-EV conversion will get the nod.

We’re also curious about how VW might badge a future electric Jetta. Having spent so much time and money building up awareness of the ID sub brand and what it stands for, it would make sense for VW to call it Jetta ID, perhaps incorporating a few discrete ID styling touches.

Would you rather buy an conventional Jetta with an EV adaption or a dedicated ID sedan?

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