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VW Wants To Win Over Early Adopters With Its Upcoming EVs


A large number of all-electric Volkswagen versions will hit the marketplace in the forthcoming years and, according to the auto manufacturer, it’s expecting to initially attract early adopters to ensure their success.

During a recent interview using Automotive News Europe, Volkswagen main marketing office Jochen Sengpiehl explained that the brand’s ancient EVs won’t be targeted towards innovators such as Tesla models are.

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“Using societal demographics and psychographics we’ve identified for the very first time a global target audience that we predict ‘aspirational middle class,’” Sengpiehl stated. “With all inventions, but you have this diffusion curve. The Golf appeals to the masses. Tesla allure to innovators. After the innovators come the early adopters. We would like to target people early adopters. ”

“That’s why our communication is much more edgy than with our conventional cars. If you capture the early adopters, others will followalong with rdquo; he added.

In accordance with Sengpiehl, those early adopters are younger than average buyers of a combustion motor car, earn very good money, often work at startup businesses, are well educated and reside in urban environments.

The very first model in VW’s array of electric vehicles would be that the ID.3 hatchback. Place to be launched at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September, the ID.3 is comparable in dimension to the Golf and can probably be offered in several of different forms. The entry-level model will likely be capable of traveling up to 330 km (205 miles) to a single charge, whereas the top-of-range model will have the ability to push up to 500 km (342) between charges.

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