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Watch A BMW M2 Competition Get Stolen In A Keyless Relay Attack


It’s all well and good to have a car featuring a keyless entry system however in recent years, crooks have begun to make the most of these methods with relay attacks. This security camera vision of a BMW M2 Competition being stolen in Germany reveals how easy it can be to steal a vehicle utilizing entry.

This footage was shared on Reddit from the owner of this M2. With one of these holding a box, the thieves could be viewed sneaking round the front part of the house, for the first 90 seconds of this movie. This box can copy the signal from the keyfob situated in the house and sends it into a device held against the motorist ’s.

Just like this, it’s likely to trick the vehicle into believing you have the essential.

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After unlocking the doorway it took a little while to start the sport car because the signal was momentarily lost and the car believed the key was missing. Before long, however, the M2 Competition could be heard starting up and the thieves quickly accelerate away from the house.

According to the owner, the car was situated roughly 90-minutes following the theft and just 40 kilometers (25 miles) away from his home, after being ditched from the thieves, perhaps because they believed the automobile was being tracked.

Those who have vehicles using keyless entry systems can add an excess layer of safety by storing their keys inside a metallic box or any sort of ‘faraday cage’ to protect against a relay box out of picking up the signal, although all of us know that in fact most people will just throw their keys into the nearest table.

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