Watch Tesla’s Model 3 spank the BMW M3 in head-to-head track test (VIDEO)



Popular automobile magazine Top Gear recently published its most daring cover in years, declaring in boldface lettering that “Electric Beats Petrol. ” Two high performance sedans dominated the cover: the Tesla Model 3 Performance and the BMW M3, each of which represent the best that their class of vehicles offers. The publication has now released footage of the two cars’ tests, revealing, in their full electrical vs. petrol glory, exactly how much the Model 3 practically spanked the BMW M3.

The recently uploaded video covered the four tests that the Model 3 Performance and the M3 were exposed to. Both vehicles were driven by veteran car journalist Jack Rix (who admits that he is not a professional racing driver, thereby representing the vast majority of folks who have the two high-performance sedans), who took the Model 3 and the M3 round the Thunderhill Raceway in Willows, CA. It must be noted that the BMW M3 that Top Gear utilized for its tests wasn’t equipped with the Competition package, to make the costs of the two cars line.

Both vehicles being exposed to a classic drag race, a 0-100-0 mph brake test, a time attack challenge round the Thunderhill track, and a evaluation. The drag race between the Model 3 and the M3 wasn’t a competition, with the all-electric sedan leaving the inner combustion-powered BMW in the dust. The Model 3 Performance finished the drag race in 11.9 seconds at 112.6 mph, significantly faster than the BMW M3’s 119.1 miles and 12.6-second time. The 0-100-0 mph braking test ended in a similar fashion, with the Tesla Model 3 drawing blood once more with 13.1 seconds compared to the BMW M3’s 13.8 seconds.

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The principal event of the magazine’s evaluation was a lap around Thunderhill. The Top Gear journalist utilized Track Mode for the Model 3, allowing him to maneuver the somewhat heavy vehicle around the race course’s corners. The Model 3 Performance finally completed a lap around the track in 1:34.07. The BMW M3 roared through the closed circuit, and though the vehicle weighed considerably less than the Model 3, the German high heeled sedan completed the lap in 1:35.96.

The BMW did glow against the Model 3 in Top Gear‘s drifting test, as the M3 was dubbed by the veteran journalist as the more fun car to throw around the trail ’s corners. Despite this win, the evaluation still ended with the Tesla Model 3 getting three wins out of four against the BMW M3. To conclude, the journalist notes that between the two vehicles, the Model 3 is superior in several fronts, though he would take the BMW M3 around a track as a result of its nimble characteristics. The Model 3 capability to tear up a circuit that is closed and remain refined enough on the road is.

While the conclusions of Top Gear‘s evaluation between the Tesla Model 3 Performance and the BMW M3 are bound to be polarizing, the sedan’s wins against the internal combustion winner stand as a pivotal moment for automobile enthusiasts. Gone are the days when cars are slow and unattractive, and gone are the days premium EVs can make it around a track without throttling their power. Tesla has leveled the playing field with the Model 3 Performance, and as these tests show, the plain excellence of electric propulsion is now starting to become quite evident.

Watch the Tesla Model 3 Performance and the BMW M3 battle it out in four tests in the movie below.

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