Wedbush says Tesla’s bitcoin investment will spark further corporate adoption – and highlights 4 stocks already poised to gain from the crypto boom



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Tesla has paved the way for more corporations to go down the path to owning and accepting bitcoin, according to Wedbush.  The company states current bitcoin mania isn’t a”fad,” but the start of a new era of digital currency.  PayPal, Square, Mastercard, and Visa could benefit in the crypto boom, Wedbush stated. Sign up here to our everyday publication, 10 Things Before the Opening Bell.

Tesla’s bitcoin wager could be a”game changer” to the digital currency and the wider adoption of blockchain tech over the next several years, according to Wedbush. Given the still nascent and explosive nature about bitcoin, less than 5 percent of public business will likely invest in bitcoin during the next twelve to eight weeks, but that may move”markedly higher” as more regulation and approval of the cryptocurrency takes hold in the future, a group of analysts said at a Monday note. 

Bitcoin attained a new high above $50,000 Tuesday morning, bringing its own year-to-date gains to 74% in a sign of the growing acceptance of the digital currency.

According to Wedbush, the bitcoin mania isn’t simply a”fad,” but a sign of the wider digital currency and blockchain space growing.

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“. . .We believe the trend of transactions, bitcoin investments, and blockchain driven initiatives could surge over the coming years as this bitcoin mania is not a fad in our opinion, but rather the start of a new age on the digital currency front,” said Wedbushsaid

Also, Tesla’s announcement to start accepting bitcoin as a kind of payment could be a”paradigm changing move for the use of bitcoin from a transaction perspective.” 

This may bode well for obligations firms PayPal and Square, stated Wedbush. The two of those companies make it possible for consumers to buy, hold, and market cryptocurrencies that is resulting in greater frequency utilization of the consumer-facing ecosystems. 

The crypto-boom could also be a”neutral to slight positive” for Visa and Mastercard, stated Wedbush. Those two systems are slowly planning to accept central bank digital currencies and asset-backed currencies in payments trades. Mastercard will begin supporting particular cryptocurrencies directly on the community in 2021, which could open retailers up to new customers, the analysts included.

Also, Visa intends to launch a new pilot crypto software application to help banks roll out bitcoin along with cryptocurrency purchasing and trading solutions. 

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