What Is The Black Knight Satellite And Who Put It There?



Is there really a alien probe orbiting the ground? If this is this is the case, who sent it and why? Is your official explanation of this strange thing in the photos true? The Black Knight was an intriguing mystery for a long time, and it could go back even farther than that. 

Back Story


The presence of the Black Knight satellite was indicated as far back as 1899 by none besides Serbian American scientist Nikola Tesla. It was now that Tesla started picking up and documenting. 

The very first supported radio signals from outside our world were detected from the 1930s but it was only 30 decades later, through the 1960s, which technology progressed enough to be able to detect the resources. The radio waves are a pure emission from a sort of star called a Pulsar. 

What’s The Black Knight?


In 1998, a set of photos taken throughout the construction of the ISS, showing a strange object emerged. According to reports, the thing is a thermal blanket which drifted toward Earth, burning up and eventually going into the atmosphere and had slipped out of the tetherings. Many individuals asserted that the photos showed proof of this Black Knight satellite, even since it became known then, also claimed that the narrative was nothing more than a coverup. The theory propagate and gained popularity. 

Prove It!


Proponents of those ‘rsquo & alien artifact; theory claim to have a ton of evidence proving the Black Knight satellite is not actual but within 13,000 years old. The fact is that the connections between the pieces of evidence are still somewhat tenuous at best. It appears likely that the theory has been cobbled together from pieces of references and data to items called Black Knight having little to link them. The story seems plausible. Other specialists and journalists, for example James Oberg, have examined the photos and concluded that it is likely distance debris likely stated in the record. 

Who’s Right?

While the narrative is probably and the most credible, the answer that is true will be revealed once we return and locate. Is there really a government coverup? To estimate the X-Files: The Truth Is Out There.

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