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Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates recently participate in a meeting in which he revealed that he utilizes an Android telephone instead of an iPhone. The conversation happened on the sound chat app Clubhouse together with journalist Andrew Ross Sorkin. Billed as a casual chat, it covered issues such as Gates’ new book How To Avoid A Climate Disaster, the COVID-19 pandemic, and technology.

Gates is the latest in a line of high-profile tech names that have made appearances on Clubhouse. Elon Musk and Robinhood co-founder Vladimir Tenev chatted about the GameStop share surge on the platform and Mark Zuckerberg discussed Facebook Reality Labs and remote working — while perhaps scoping out how best to integrate similar features into Facebook. These appearances have, naturally, helped raise the profile of Clubhouse, which is not yet out of beta and is only available on iOS so far.

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Sorkin kicked things off by referencing this, saying that when the interview was announced on Twitter people asked, “Bill Gates has an iPhone?” Gates explained that he has an Android phone for day-to-day use, but also said that he often plays around with iPhones in order to keep up-to-date with everything. Elaborating on why he favors an Android phone for general use he said:”Some of those Android manufacturers pre-install Microsoft applications in a means that makes it easy for me and they’re more flexible about how the program connects up with the operating system so that is exactly what I’ve ended up being used to.”

On Clubhouse itself, Gates said he’d become more familiar with the platform recently and that he’d had some demos of it. He revealed that on most social media platforms he has an official account and an account for”messing around,” but that he prefers to spend his time online reading the likes of the Economist and the New York Times. Pressed on whether he used Google or Bing, Gates described himself as”a loyal, loyal, loyal Bing consumer,” saying he uses Google to compare how they’re doing competitively. When retorted that he didn’t know anyone who used Bing, Gates joked:”You travel with a very snobby audience!”

Asked which companies he thought were doing the most exciting and futuristic stuff, Gates said Google and Microsoft. “Yes, Amazon’s doing fantastic job, Apple’s doing fantastic job, Facebook,” he explained. “But, in terms of really pushing the boundaries of computer science and architecture along with AI, I’d say Google and Microsoft have a solid R&D devotion — both things they share publicly and what they focus on for their products”

On the Apple car, he said:”I doubt they’ll make the same margin they make on the iPhone,” also noting that there remains a question about how quickly autonomous cars will catch on — and, indeed, if they will entirely. Electric cars, he said, were already a sure thing. In terms of his own car, Gates revealed he drives Porsche Taycan. Pressed on why a Porsche rather than a Tesla, he explained that his first car was a Porsche and that his Taycan”makes a certain sound.” He did note that he’d bought Teslas for relatives though and called it”the company that has done the most for electric automobiles .”

A couple of additional recommendations came in the form of Lupin, the Netflix show about the French gentleman burglar, and the Oura ring, that can be an instrument for monitoring sleeping quality.

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