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Why Cars Might Be Even More Of A Personal Data Issue Than Smartphones


Modern automobiles, such as individuals from Tesla, are equipped with much more intelligence and technology than ever before, and this influx of software surely aids the everyday driving experience. But, it will even come at a price. Considering all the advancements that technology brings, today’s vehicles can now be just as a lot of personal data issue as the ordinary smartphone, or even more.

Through a relatively new practice named Digital Vehicle Forensics, it’s possible to get and analyze data that has already been stored in various systems within a car. The main sources of data in these vehicles centers around what’s known as the telematics system – which lists things like navigation, speed, and even if seat belts are fastened or doors are opened – and the infotainment system. The latter of which stores data like phone logs, contact lists, text messages and emails, among other personal info.

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A current NBC News record details the way law enforcement was able to use Digital Vehicle Forensics to create an arrest in a supposed murder case. Police could tap into the onboard computer of a deceased person’s stolen vehicle, finding time-stamped recordings of a voice through the truck’s hands-free apparatus, and fit that voice to a suspect. That kind of stored data, together with a telematics system that, seemingly keeps track of each movement a vehicle (and its occupants) creates, has serious consequences as to how much information people’s automobiles are keeping.

From a general standpoint, you can find similarities between the info that can be seen in an automobile’s infotainment system along with a individual’s smartphone, especially since smartphones are often connected to these infotainment systems. In other words, precisely the identical call histories, contact lists, text messages, web histories along with social media feeds may be retrieved via both pieces of technology. The differentiating factor , however, is a vehicle’s telematic system.

Smartphone places can be decided through facets like location-based services or call detail records, but most smartphones do not look capable of detailing such intimate information for a vehicle’s telematics system. According to the NBC News report, all these systems could show where a vehicle was moving, how fast it was moving at specific things, where it sped up or slowed down, and also if lights have been turned on or if airbags were deployed. The combination of this information with everything kept in a modern automobile’s infotainment systems, makes it feasible to recreate a motorist’s exact movements and communications when they were in their car.

Can this cause for concern? In a word, yes. While there are instances when this can be helpful, such as law enforcement investigations, there are also situations in this amount of available data could be a nightmare. Vehicle hacking is not yet a common issue, but it’s certainly within the realm of potential. Just do not be surprised in the future if vehicle makers start advertising their secure and/or private infotainment strategies, to help guarantee users that it’s fine to their modern vehicles to carry such enormous amounts of data.

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Source: NBC News

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