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Why I Own Over $4,000,000 In Real Estate


Here’s EXACTLY why I chose to almost invest everything into property, just what I look for in a home, and what makes it such a fantastic investment at the first place – like! Add me on Instagram: GPStephan

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One of the first, and main reasons I&rsquo is a really easy one, but also something not enough individuals fully enjoy: LEVERAGE.

This is the practice where you borrow CHEAP cash …which goes and makes you MORE money . Which allows you to gain the difference between what you spend in interest, and what that money makes you.

Second, another HUGELY major reason I spend in real estate…as well as pretty much everybody else out there, ever…is Cashflow.
This means that you’ll be getting a constant amount of money as your renters pay you lease, returning into your own pocket, each and every month.

Third, lets talk about another HUGE benefit of property investing…and one of those topics I also dread the most…TAXES
Happily, property includes some AMAZING tax advantages that often means you ’t be paying any taxes at all on the money you make…here’s what I mean:

First of all, basically EVERYTHING in real property is a draft off against your rental income…
You may write off your mortgage interest as a cost …significance ’s a tax write off.
The property taxes that you pay…rsquo & that;s also a tax write off.
Your price to cover hellip & the house;rsquo & that;s also a tax write off.
Any costs that you spend repairing the property&hellipwrite off.

In addition to that, you also have what’so-called: DEPRECIATION

This really can be a tax-loss strategy at which you could depreciate the cost of the house over 27.5 years against your rental income…since, as stated by the IRS, the house is seen to be “decreasing value” over time as it ages and sheds, and you have to be compensated for it.

Speaking of depreciation….lets flip it around, and speak about another MAJOR reason I spend in real estate…APPRECIATION.
Over the very long term, your house must go up in value as demand increases, as inflation triggers everything around us to rise in price…including your property…and this means that, 1 evening, it’ll be worth MORE than you purchased it for.

Speaking of property value and this cash talk. . .and not paying taxes lawfully speak ….that brings us into one of my FAVORITE reasons to invest in real estate…which are the almighty CASH OUT REFINANCE.

It’s like stating “I have $100 value of gain I want to work with but it’s locked up, and I don’t need to unlock it differently I’ll cover taxes. So rather, I’ll borrow $100 from a bank, who subsequently holds on to MY $100 at case I don’t refund themhellip;now I have $100 to spend, and I’m not taxed on that cash.

When you get that fresh mortgage…exactly the very same principles as above apply. The curiosity is a draft off against your earnings, and it allows you to leverage that money to earn even MORE cash …viola! Real estate for the win!

This really only scratches the face of how folks earn money doing this…other advantages include being able to get a property below what it’s worth, having the ability to fix this up to increase its value and cashflow, and of course the almighty 1031 exchange that allows to you defer taxes anytime you market property to get a similar property.

It’s because of what I just mentioned that is why I’t put focus on property investing over the past nearly 8 decades!

For property investing/real estate representative consulting inquiries that are one-on-one or business, you can reach me at GrahamStephanBusiness@gmail.com

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