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As time goes forward and humankind evolves, we’re outgrowing the antiquated, corrupt, and also war-driven system that has been controlling us during the ages. This is not from. We’re ALL component of this major transition from the human journey, each with our own part in creating the future.

Feeling the emotions involved is a vital portion of our evolution because the machine gets its power by controlling our ability to sense and feel, which affects our ability to think and work. The WILL is your emotional energy that is feminine that most of us have. And as the Will of humankind rises to protect and free , this is the part of us that is under attack.

The more willingly reality is accepted by us, the more easily the WILL will have the ability to launch itself from the previous programming. The freeing of the human Will will be the upcoming evolutionary step that is vital. Without it, we have no control over our own lives whatsoever. Therefore, knowing what the Will is, and how it functions, is critical.

We’ve been programmed to believe that the Will is positive thinkingstubbornness, determination – or even ”. From a spiritual standpoint, we’re told that it is God’s Will that matters. At the exact same time, religion tells us that God gave us Free Will. This is an great contradiction. We are also told that we’re made in God’s image, which means that God must have a side, or there would not be any women in his invention.

Some religions have been evolving too. Last month, following the US Military dropped their most powerful non-nuclear bomb in an air base in Afghanistan, Pope Francis issued a much needed criticism that speaks to the ongoing war on the feminine. He said it isn’t right to call this bomb that the “Mother of all bombs” (MOAB). “I was embarrassed when I heard the title ”, he said The term MOTHER should not be used in reference. ” He clarified that a mother GIVES life. A bomb destroys lifetime.   I must mention this angle was sudden.

The WILL is comprised of our emotions, emotions, perceptions, urges, matters of the heart, the feminine fundamentals of life, along with a strong empathy with ‘others’. (negative energy/magnetism)

By comparison, manly SPIRIT (consciousness), is comprised of thought, intellect, vision, ideas, contest, the mind/body connection, mild, activity, along with a solid awareness of ‘self’. (positive energy/electricity)

Because the power and purpose of feminine energy is not given proper recognition, the charge is often taken by manly energy. For instance, we’re programmed to think INTUITION is a role of the mind that was manly. But we know it is the overactive mind that prevents our normal responsiveness from getting through TO the mind. The power of intuition is that a product of the emotions – our ability to FEEL and SENSE.

We feeling and are feeling on a deeper level than ever before. Our heads are opened by the feelings’ vibrations. Our heads give consciousness to our emotions. So, the further the machine triggers our emotions, (as it’ll continue to do for a long time to come)the longer we are going to have the ability to ‘view ’ what’s actually occurring. The 2000s brought us and cannot survive. But the damage this older system could cause on its way out is frightening, and we must confront the facts about this. Our status in the travel is a regular one. We’re in a contradictory and confusing gap between two cycles.

“Positive thinking”, without approval of reality and the emotions it triggers, is self-deception. To think positively means facing reality self indulgent, regardless of how it makes you feel, and expecting to deal with it.

Indifference to other people’so suffering can also be a form of emotional refusal – and is often the consequence of the refusal to see that the role we ourselves are playing or have playedwith. Without approval of reality, we rip the most important chapter from the book of our own lives — the area where everything comes together and makes sense.

On our trip to Free Will, we’ve encountered tremendous gaps. It often appears there is not any means to bridge them – but for as long as we stay divided, we stay conquered.

We’re having an tried ‘aggressive takeover’ of the planet by corporations, together with the oil industry and its relations to Russia at the helm. Resistance to this cruel industrial coup is strong and growing, and it is crucial to realize where our power is coming from -from our whole array of feelings. It is coming from our opinion, our intent, and our understanding of the facts.  RESISTANCE IS THE WILL IN ACTION – taking a stand that is to free itself.

As exhausting as it often is, the immunity against this descent into fascism has been functioning nicely – that is even more reason to expect attacks against it as we move ahead. Bear in mind that they, too, are resisting. They are resisting the growth of humankind, which is already in advance, and of that they are likewise a component (but don’t even know it yet). We’re one.

This immunity, also counter-resistance, is just what is going on in the internal human state as our manly minds struggle off our feminine feelings. Inner peace brings peace. Everything starts within, including this outside world’s imbalances.

“Get upStand Up, Stand up for the rights. ” ~Bob Marley

The Will is so strong that the present system could not operate at all if this power was free. OR, without corruption and greed, it may operate superbly, rather, unnaturally, creatively instead of destructively, and open to the great potential that equality and equity could bring.

The purpose of government is to act on behalf of people and world, and always adjust the points of balance so that life may flow naturally and efficiently , without one form of energy overpowering another. The purpose of government is to MAINTAIN BALANCE, equity, equality, and affectionate. Balance means fixing as required. It means organizing things in a manner that permits energy to flow.

FREE WILL intuitively knows the laws of karma – effect and cause – and life reacts to actions. There aren’t any ‘punishments’ in life, but there are consequences and end-results. Emotion adds DEPTH to our own lives and empowers us to notice and comprehend sophistication and detail as it takes us beneath the surface and behind the scenes.

Although the efforts to deliberately confuse and control are both dangerous and real, the majority of the heavy turbulence we’re experiencing today is due to the imbalance caused by inequality and unfairness. With all these authorities defunding essential services, such as education, environment, health, food security, office safety, and animal welfare, we must ask ourselves what the end result is very likely to be. A heartless “culling” of life that the system deems unuseful, oppositional, poor, or debatable?

Exactly what the world is experiencing now is not only ‘politics as usual’. But it is the consequence of politics. Those in control do not appear capable in any way, but while that factor will help to curtail their efforts to some extent, it also makes them more dangerous since the effect of power depends on the aim of the hands it is in.

Criminally insane individuals have been raised into positions of tremendous power. If people focus entirely on power and money, that is. Anything or anybody else is only clutter insignificant, mere collateral.

“Strength doesn’t come from physical capacity. It comes from an indomitable will. ”  ~Gandhi

Since the WILL of humankind continues to rise, it is pushing back hard against this effort to kill it. By character, the WILL must EXPRESS itself, therefore be aware of efforts all over the world to suppress free speech, or to muddle communication so completely that no one knows what to believe. Know about the act of labeling factual information as ‘fake’, and replacing it with a bogus reaction. The artwork of language-manipulation has upped its game. When put between layers of reality A lie is easier to consume.

Remember too that when people participate in ‘circle-talk’ along with deflective refusal, (accusing one’s competitions of what you yourself are doing ), eventually those false accusations come full circle and then hit the denier from the mind. Denial will go to exceptional lengths to refuse, even when the refusal is perfectly obvious to others.

Since the industries that run the machine become more automatic – and more greedy – they have less demand. To be ‘industrious’ is to be “constantly or routinely active or occupied. ” Howeverthe system viewpoints. This ’s where the barbarous concept of “austerity” comes from, making life as miserable as possible for the masses, even people that are faithful to the machine. The slave-master mindset takes more than life is devalued, and people suffer and perish.

After we transferred to the 2000s from the 1000s, direction and frequency changed. Our sensitivity, which was a jolt for our heads was changed on by this shift from manly 1 to feminine 2.

Lots of individuals are still having difficulty coping with their feelings since the mind tells them to sense on this degree can’t be ‘normal’, and it’s so ‘mad ’. Biological form can also be influenced because that is what empowers us to recognize what we believe – in the form of particular sensations within the body.

We have to learn how to accept our various emotions, regardless of what they are, and let this natural magnetic power to pass through and from us. Some emotions take a long time such as anger, despair, and fear. We’re programmed to shut down these feelings. We’re told which feelings are suitable and how long we should be setting them. But emotion is much too spontaneous an energy. In reality, that’s what Free Will is: willingness and spontaneity.

Prolonged emotional suppression that is the cornerstone of anxiety, and causes a number of our ailments. Expression is a stress valve that is natural. It protects us from  being torn apart inside from the trauma we impose on our WILL. Stress is the strain our side feels when we hold our emotions BACK – push down them – or snap them all out that nothing is heard – and someone will get hurt.  Stress is pull and the push of magnetism. The burden. GRAVITY within the body.

Nothing keeps our feet and calms the mind. When emotion is recognized it is, and not some offshoot of the brain, this planet will be a far more peaceful and distinct place.  Since Nikola Tesla place it, “The afternoon science starts to study phenomena, it will create more progress in 1 decade than. ”

We must learn how to express our emotions with the intent to HEAL, NOT HARM. There’s never a need to hurt yourself or someone else in the practice of emotional recovery.

The cruel streak that is marching across Earth is doing horrible damage to our own species – and the species of Mother Earth. Accepting this truth is not a mental exercise. Some profound feelings – will be triggered by it and we cannot afford to cut ourselves off.

The sensation of empathy is that the healing balm that can save humankind from itself — doing what’s right because it’s correct. We have to look at the suffering of migrants and refugees to observe where a small empathy may help stabilize the planet considerably. Immigration issues are not only the consequence of people having to flee out of the horrors of OUR present wars in THEIR countries, but likewise the colonization and occupation of those countries in the course of history. In the present setting of xenophobia and hate, it requires courage to genuinely care and express those feelings.

“You never know until being strong is the choice you 19, how strong you are. ” ~Bob Marley

We must develop courage, including the courage to confront our own reflections and view ourselves as we are! And yet, courage is something different that manly energy appears to claim as its own. Courage is Filled with testosterone, and with ‘balls’. We’re told to “ man up ” where courage is currently lacking.  Courage comes from the HEART! (Cœur is French for heart). Courage is the effect of the COMBINED power of feeling and thought. And since it is that most of thoughts and our emotions are all processed, women and men everywhere are growing impressive courage in all of its kinds. What beings and amazingly resilient we arenow!

To be continued…

“One Love. One Heart. Lets get together and feel fine. ” ~ Bob Marley

Bob Marley Died 36 years ago this past week, (May 11). He was 36 years old.   His lyrics and music move the human body and soul, and then stretch the mind.

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