With Zero Evidence, Trump Falsely Claims Migrants at the Border Are “Grabbers,” Not Parents



While President Donald Trump was at Mississippi to try to Sen. Cindy Hyde-Smith Mondaythat he was asked regarding US Border Patrol agents firing tear gas onto a set of migrants, which contained women and children, in the border . 

“What would you consider these pictures of women and kids running, tear gas? ” the reporter requested , according to the pool record. 

Trump responded first by requesting, “why are they there? ,” before insisting that the tear gas used was “very safe”–echoing claims made with a former high border control official earlier today, who said of the tear gas, “It’s organic. You can actually place it on your nachos and eat it. So, it’s a good means of deterring individuals without long-term injury. ”That’s things really went off the rails. 

“Why is a parent operating up into a place where they understand the tear gas is forming and it’s likely to be shaped and that they ’re running up with a child.  Sometimes, you understand , they’re not the parents. These are individuals, they phone ’em grabbers. They catch a child only since they believe they’ll possess a particular status by catching a youngster,” he explained.

Trump was reacting to an episode  on Sunday, when a bunch of migrants protesting increasingly stringent border and asylum policies in the San Diego-Tijuana edge ended in a clash with American forces. Following some migrants charged the border, US representatives fired tear gas to drive back protesters, some of whom were kids. 

BuzzFeed News printed an interview with a girl who was photographed running away from the tear gas along with her kids in her arms. “I felt unhappy, I was scared. I wanted to shout. That’s when I caught my brothers and ran,” Meza informed BuzzFeed News. “I thought my kids were going to die with me because of the gasoline we inhaled. ”

This panic was echoed by Cindy Milla, a second migrant who was targeted Sunday, in an interview with the Wall Street Journal.  “I believed that my face was burning, and my infant fainted. I ran into my life and that of my kids,” she explained.

At a Facebook post Monday night, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen dropped down on Trump’s comments, despite a total lack of proof. “The family are predominately male. It appears in some cases that the restricted number of girls and kids in the caravan are used by the organizers since ‘human protects ’ when they confront law enforcement. ”

“I ask parents to prevent violent caravan groups and extend from attempts to illegally enter our country–those acts will place your kids at risk. ”

Trump’s comments came before his next rally of the afternoon to Hyde-Smith, at Biloxi, Miss.. Throughout the rally, Trump took some opportunity to boast about the strength of the Border Patrol, telling the audience that the fence was made to become “quite unfriendly-looking. ” 

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