‘You are good’: New York Times zinged after story on Donald Trump’s billion-dollar loss



As Twitchy reported Tuesday night, The New York Times obtained printouts of President Trump’s 1040s from 1985 to 1994 and found that he’d lost over a billion dollars within the course of the decade. Since nothing was out of order on the tax forms, the Times ran with the angle that lauded businessman Trump had lost so much money while holding himself out as a great deal-maker.

While Donald Trump was losing over a billion dollars in the 1980s and 1990s, he had been making himself the press ’s go-to emblem for “wealth,” @poniewozik writes https://t.co/Z0E3FWlFQB

— The New York Times (@nytimes) May 8, 2019

Did you catch this? He was making himself the press ’s go-to symbol for wealth; the press had nothing to do with it, obviously.

“An investigation shows that Donald Trump’s reputation was built on reddish ink” — or, they might have just read “The Art of the Comeback. ” It’s too late to prevent the Times from doing a victory lap over Trump’s losses, but Steve Robinson, executive producer of The Howie Carr Show, did a quick investigation into the Times and its business acumen:

Can you imagine losing more than $1Bn on a business deal!?! pic.twitter.com/t5xurERkXG

— Steve Robinson (@BigSteve207) May 8, 2019

That would be embarrassing.


— C🎯nservatarian (@kakeenan) May 8, 2019

Good one Steve!

— Michael MacInnes (@MikemacMacInnes) May 8, 2019

A bargain! They sold 100% of their journalistic integrity for next to nothing.

— Bruno Bets (@BrunoBets) May 8, 2019

Still a lot of money for something utilized to light the wood stove.

— Michael Pusch (@puschmj) May 8, 2019

Wonder if NYT is still taking the losses carry forward as well.

— #alt_Q (@statFutures) May 8, 2019

I’m guessing they gave away their tax loss and didn’t use it from the kindness of their hearts.

— Chris Julien, CPA (@ChrisJulienCPA) May 8, 2019

You are good. Additionally, I imagine they neglected to deduct that from taxation because, “altruism” 😂

— MarginalResult (@MarginalResult) May 8, 2019

Damn those liberals are business geniuses.

— Clif Gregory (@clifgregoryod) May 8, 2019

No wonder journalists despise business. They are a commodity,

— A Crude Awakening (@allengilmer) May 8, 2019

I see what you did there….and no blue test …. .

— Richard Buckley (@RichWB) May 8, 2019

@Kkilgore93 pic.twitter.com/xnWnVopwUl

— Matt Mandeville (@mandethrill12) May 8, 2019

The company that is worst deal in the history of business deals.

— Foster Griffin (@FGriffin1994) May 8, 2019

A billion dollar loss over a decade versus a billion dollar loss. Which sounds more devastating?

— Dr. Rob Tennant (@TennantRob) May 8, 2019

Yahoo may have them beat

— Cynical & Political (@cynicpolitic) May 8, 2019

Newsweek was purchased for $1.

— Sean Fernstrum (@swfernstrum) May 8, 2019

Now do Time Magazine and AOL…

— Bodezaffa (@Bodezaffa) May 8, 2019

Can you imagine losing over $98.7 billlion dollars??! 😆😆. 🤣CNN, please ask Ted Turner how that is done. @RealSaavedra pic.twitter.com/eVr8EM6zmI

— Not Waiter (@NotWaiter) May 8, 2019

Tesla (green energy) nearly lost per billion in one quarter. https://t.co/3JNkfKymZm

— joe warner (@jwarner180) May 8, 2019

Uber is currently losing over $1.7 billion a year and is valued at $100 billion for their forthcoming IPO

— Tim Henry (@melaexec) May 8, 2019

However, it's cool when Obama loses half that with taxpayer money on a failed solar job because muh tan suit

— Joshua T. James (@montelll13) May 8, 2019

Can you imagine wasting THAT MUCH on a Presidential campaign and losing?! 😂

— Michael Delaney (@MikeQDelaney) May 8, 2019

* * *


It looks like all the reporters got the memo:

President Trump dismisses New York Times report that shows he dropped more than $1 billion in business deals stating”it was just sport.” @kaitlancollins reports https://t.co/DameG5LHhu pic.twitter.com/A7L6WpbbeC

— The Lead CNN (@TheLeadCNN) May 8, 2019


‘Exactly what anyone with a clue thought’: New York Times obtains President Trump’s tax return figures https://t.co/xYVvkYf2Mz

— Twitchy Team (@TwitchyTeam) May 8, 2019

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