Home News YouTube Premium users can now download videos in 1080p quality

YouTube Premium users can now download videos in 1080p quality


Good news if you’re paying for an YouTube Premium subscription every month: now you can download movies for offline playback at resolutions of 1080p, up from the last limitation of 720p.

The shift was first spotted by Android Police, using the Full HD (1080p) choice appearing when YouTube Premium users attempt to rescue videos for their own telephones.

You may not find the option however though – apparently the attribute has been slowly rolled out across the YouTube programs for iOS and Android. Ensure that you’re running the newest version of the app before trying a download.

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Alongside never needing to watch ads, offline downloads really are one of the greatest advantages of YouTube Premium, and you need to be able to see the gap on phones with larger screens and flatter resolutions.

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There’d been rumors as far back as February the YouTube was intending to update the utmost resolution for downloads – however now it appears its engineers are now getting around to it.

Higher resolution downloads signifies more space used up on the phone of course, even though it’s a trade-off which the majority of folks will be delighted to make. As yet there’s no option.

Apparently the new and enhanced higher quality atmosphere is rolling out in all markets where YouTube Premium is accessible, even though there’s not been any official opinion from YouTube or Google as yet.

Even a YouTube Premium subscription also includes access to YouTube Music, the Spotify competition that’s gradually replacing Google Play Music.

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