2020 Rivian R1T is an Electric-Powered Super Truck with Range



PLYMOUTH, Michigan — Standing before ussome nine years in the making, is Rivian’s first generation model, the Rivian R1T, also a high-riding, full-sized, electric, twin cab, all-wheel-drive pickup with a claimed 0 to 60 mph time of less than 3 minutes, the capability to ford streams and glow off-road, with a claimed range between fees as large as 400 miles, although presumably not when towing into its highest, 10,000-pound capacity.

Rivian ’ s truck isn’t set to deliver until late next year at the earliest, but it’s here today for us reflect upon to scrutinize and pore over, in its ginormous, steel, aluminum, and carbon fiber attractiveness. At its official reveal now ’s 2018 Los Angeles Auto Show, it will be joined by an SUV, ” the R1S, a Suburban, if you will, into this fraternal twin R1T’s Silverado.

Rivian is taking deposits now, but test-drives continue to be in the offing, as is verification of its staggering acceleration and range asserts. The RT1 will be marketed with prices announced to begin at $61,500 for an entry, 250-mile-range model after deduction of the Fed’s $7,500 electric vehicle tax credit–supposing it’s ’s still around.

Bollinger’s B1 model, which it’s also currently taking deposits for 2020 delivery, is a lot more spartan than Rivian’therefore RT1, heading into revenue responsibility with more unabashedly flat panels than a classic Land Rover and also an International Scout combined. The Rivian and the style card play down the middle of the American street, inherently brutal due to its dimensions, but essentially anodyne truck.

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