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Cheap gas and weaker US rules for fuel economy aren’t going to help Tesla sell more electric cars (TSLA)


Tesla Model 3Hollis Johnson/Business Insider

Tesla have to face a world where gas prices are falling amid the COVID-19 pandemic along with the US government just weakened fuel-economy criteria that was demonstrated under the Obama administration.
The company could manage one of those improvements, but needing two happen at the same time may be hard.
Luckily, the electric-vehicle market has expanded considerably since the 2009 financial catastrophe, and Tesla has begun to dominate it, so it needs to be able to manage its own difficulties.
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The electric car has just one enemy that may defy all of the invention in the entire world petrol prices.

It’s truly noteworthy that EVs have attained any market share in the previous 10 years, given that the US federal gas tax hasn’t been raised as the 1990s. Consumers budgets may do the math and discover that purchasing an electric vehicle for a sticker price than the usual vehicle will not pay off for several many years.  See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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