Driver Skillfully Avoids 10-Car Pileup The Last Second, But Pants Skid-fully Ruined



A 10-car pileup happened a few weeks back on a freeway in California, with the driver of this dashcam-equipped vehicle lucky enough to steer clear of the abrupt stationary traffic.

The video was originally posted on Reddit, with the person behind the wheel claiming that the activity happened following “a car match.

Here’s how it all went according to consumer Legendary Milkman: “I found the traffic crash happened from an illegal car meet that was occurring at the time, and the SUV in front of me along with two other cars were shifting lanes and hard braking frequently. I got far too compliant with this and instead of shifting lanes or staying back as I had to merge on the other freeway. ”

Even though, by his own admission, the cammer could have pushed more closely, at the end he just managed to get away from getting tangled up at the collision.

In the long run, both she and the snowy crossover in front of him swerved and, so far as we could tell, prevented this mess. And to think that all they had to do so as to Steer Clear of all of the play was to pay attention and keep their distance…

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