Electric Pickup: Bollinger Motors Teases All-Wheel-Drive B2 Truck



Today, Bollinger Motors has released its next all-electric truck theory — this time in the form of a pickup unlike anything else available on the market.

Bollinger Motors hopes to bring the “planet ’s all-electric sport utility truck”  to life in 2020. When there are no trucks like it nonetheless, a couple companies such as Tesla are also currently growing pickups.

Bollinger Motors revealed us that the B1, a two-door sport utility truck that was all-electric . It has been encouraging a variant of the motor automobile. Now, it models the four-door automobile .

Bollinger B2 Pickup Truck

The new Bollinger B2 Pickup Truck will have each of the features of its allies. Things like hydropneumatic suspension driveway, gear hubs, a 120-kWh battery package, large front rear area, and a patented door will come standard.

Cargo capacity has been a priority with Bollinger vehicles, but the B2 Pickup Truck requires it. The bunk bed is rsquo 4 &;rdquo & 1; wide with 5& 5 rsquo;rdquo & 9; extended. There s an cab tailgate that can be lowered, and the glass can lift upward.

Fully opened up, and with the seats removed, the truck could carry complete 4’ x 8’ sheets of plywood. In fact, it may accommodate a whopping 72 sheets of plywood! It can accommodate 24 two-by-fours with the front pass-through started.

Talk about storage to timber! Bollinger enables lengthy objects to conduct the length of the motor automobile. Today, will that fit a kayak?

All graphics below are CAD renderings predicated on this ancient B1 prototype and CAD data the Bollinger team has created for the four-door motor automobile. Testing of this B2 Pickup Truck will begin in ancient 2019, with production.

Bollinger B2 Pickup Truck

All-electric all-wheel-drive double motor, 520 hp, 514 ft-lb torque
Performance: 6.5 minutes 0-60 mph, 100 mph top speed
Capability: 15” ground clearance, 10” wheel traveling, 5,000-lb payload capacity, 7,500-lb towing capacity
Energy: 120-kWh battery package, 200-mile EP array, regenerative braking, 10-hour Level 2 (220v) charging time, 75-minute Level 3 (DC Fast) charging period Bollinger Electric Pickup: How to Reserve

Bollinger has already gathered more than 20,000 reservations for vehicles. This ’ s to get a no-money-down, no-obligation spot online for the opportunity to buy a vehicle without a price tag while striking.

With the initiation of the pickup, Bollinger is also now allowing individuals to use different email addresses to get online for more than 1 vehicle. After pricing has been declared deposits will be taken in 2019.

We’ve heard that before. During the summer of 2017, Bollinger Motors said production would start in &ldquo weeks ” also that it would start taking deposits in ancient 2018 for the B1.

Generation t started and the brand hasn’t taken any residue. Bollinger says only B2 models will be available in 2020. The first production units will be left-hand-drive vehicles to the North American market, with exports. All production will occur in the business ’s headquarters in Detroit.

So Much to Want!

There s so much to like and need about the Bollinger Motors trucks. The rub comes when you realize that it & rsquo; s already been revealed for a couple of years, three versions have been created by the brand, no price has been declared, and there ’ s nothing in production.

Oh, also there’s won’t be safety features such as crash testing required and airbags, as it will be marketed as a “Class 3 work truck. ”

Yes, I still want you, but I have a different feeling that the cost is going to sting. A whole lot.

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