Ex-BMW executive joins Dyson to help develop an electric vehicle



Can a company go to making electric cars from making vacuums and fans? This ’s what Dyson seems to be intending on doing. In all honesty, Dyson has been teasing the idea of developing an electric car for some time now. So we re not certain if we’ll ever see an EV in the vacuum-maker that is renowned or never. Such an idea became closer to a reality, since Dyson just hired a former BMW executive order to aid with its own EV development.

Roland Krueger formerly was a senior vice president in BMW and regional leader of operations within Germany. Now, he will oversee the production and development to Dyson’s electrical vehicle that is fresh. This new Dyson EV is reportedly constructed in Singapore in a brand new facility which will be finished in 2020. The actual car itself is thought to hit the street in 2021 however we’ll see.

Even though James Dyson has created some products that are genuinely excellent and is a remarkable innovator, it’s tough to get enthusiastic about a different EV project. Maybe not because we doubt Dyson’s abilities but since we ve seen and heard dozens of fresh EV startups sputter and perish before they get off the ground. Are there some brands which have really cracked the industry and developed intriguing cars? Of course. Tesla has become the most clear but other modest brands like Rimac and Rivian are making waves in the industry as well.

James Dyson

Though, with the help of a former auto exec, especially one from a manufacturer like BMW that’s experience in electrical vehicles, Dyson is better equipped. “Roland is worldwide,” said Dyson CEO Jim Rowan. “He sees the auto industry as a landscape that is international, and that ’therefore hard to come ; rsquo & he &;therefore attached to a particular region. He has knowledge of China, and it is a EV marketplace, also he’s a programmer from background but understands facets. ”

[Source: Auto Express]

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