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Financial advice for new “adults”


On cellular, sorry for formatting. Going to try and keep it short and sweet.

Dallas, Texas btw

At the close of the calendar year, my fiancée and I will graduate together with our respective degrees and be pulling approximately 80k~ ea before taxation. No student loan debt or debt of any sort.

I’m 25 she’s 23. I’ve got a credit score of about 780, she has no credit card much to my dismay.

The finance question Includes priority

House vs Apartment I know we must lease in the beginning. Can it be “newcomer residence &rdquoa great idea? With the housing market up so much I personally feel like it’s a silly buy, particularly since we have little in private products.

Luxurious I want a Tesla. (50k purchase)

I only want this as a private dream car. I paid for college 100% from my own pocket and I had been to finally feel some benefit for finishing.

I also would love to travel well before children, teenager, I’d love her to wait patiently while being around 28 years old before having a child. I’d like the time to pursue high education and have to enjoy the money we have

The Kid I personally just want 1 child since I don’t even want to be financially handicapped. I want to have the ability to provide all of the items I never needed for not only the child, but myself.

So the question comes down to:

Is it possible to get all this done? Luxurious and House?

Apt vs House – What is brighter? Burning money in rentingor buying a starter home expecting it doesnt wreck in value a couple of years down the road? Should I even be seeking to buy a home? If I buy the home X amount of years before having a kid?

I apologize if this is kind of tough to Comprehend, but outside of working fulltime and college + fundamental charge, I have no idea the Way to financially summarize my next 3-5 Decades

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