Home News Girl Cafe Gun tier list – best character and weapons sorted, with a reroll guide

Girl Cafe Gun tier list – best character and weapons sorted, with a reroll guide

Girl Cafe Gun tier list – best character and weapons sorted, with a reroll guide


Girl Cafe Gun Character Tier List

Below are all the characters that have been released to date. The characters in S tier are the best, and the ones down in the C tier are not as good. They can work situationally, so try to reroll them if you have acquired them.


Cornelia (Party Dress), Shi Wuyou (Casual), Shi Wuxia (Casual), Lida (Casual), Moon (Casual), Yuki (Tactical Equipment), Moon (Maid), Irene (Tactical Equipment)

Yuki (Maid), Eksistere (Valentine), Lida (Maid), Cornelia (Casual), Shi Wuyou (Maid), Rococo (Maid), Irene (Maple)

Grainne (Official Dress), Grainne (Casual), Grainne (Maid), Grainne (Party Dress), Eksistere (Maid), Eksistere (Casual), Su Xiaozhen (Maid), Shi Wuxia (Maid), Shi Wuxia (Casual), Juno (Maid), Shi Wuxia (Defiler), Cornelia (Official Dress), Grainne (Training Suit), Cornelia (Maid), Irene (Maid)

Juno (Casual), Yuki (Casual), Lida (Tactical Equipment), Shi Wuyou (Official Dress), Rococo (Casual)


Girl Cafe Gun Weapons Tier List

Weapons can be given to characters who wield that type of weapon. You should try to only invest in the S tier and A tier options since resources are pretty scarce at the start.


Water of Destiny, Laser Pistol, Frontline Warrior, Directional Cannon

Vacuum Cleaner, The Hive, Star Beacon, Ruthless Healer, Hell’s Fang, Guiding Star, Gravity Compass, Fiery Thorns, Cruelty Maker, Beam Rifle

Wraith of Jealousy, Wolf of Nomads, Tesla Aurora, Ruthless Rifle, Precision Rifle, Luciferin, Galaxy Star, Double Justice, Deadly Blaster, Abyssal Hammer, Pale Dragonbreath

Red Lotus, Artemis


Girl Cafe Gun Reroll Guide

At the beginning, you will receive a 10x summon that you can reset indefinitely, until you’ve acquired the units you wanted. From this summon you will always get one guaranteed 4* and two 3*.

You should aim for some of the S-tier units from our Girl Cafe Gun tier list, since they will be helpful for the longest time.

For the most effective reroll strategy, you should play until you’ve cleared Stage 2-1, which rewards you with a character ticket and weapon summon tickets. Aim for another 4* character from this, and some of the S-tier weapons. However, if you don’t get the weapons it’s fine, as long as you get the characters.

If you aren’t happy with the summon result, you can go ahead and reroll. This is how to do it:

Android: Head to the phone’s Settings -> Apps and while using a Guest account you can Clear Data. This will automatically reset the game.

iOS: Uninstall the game and reinstall it (it’s a big file, so be prepared to wait for a little and do it while on Wi-Fi connection).

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