Grimes Says She’s ‘Ready To Die On Mars’



Grimes Says She's 'Ready To Die On Mars'grimes/Instagram

Canadian musician Grimes has said she’s ready to expire on Mars at a new Instagram post.

The 33-year-old posted image of herself standing tall next to a Starship rocket Starbase at Texas, with the caption: ‘Ready to die with all the red dirt of Mars under my toes. ’

Grimes’ ambitions aren’t surprising, since her boyfriend and father of her kid, Elon Musk, has been very public about his intention to place humans on the red planet.

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It seems Grimes took inspiration from Musk, who previously said he’d love to expire on Mars in an appearance during South by Southwest film festival at 2013.

Back in 2002, Musk launched SpaceX, a distance transportation company specializing in enabling the ‘colonisation of Mars’. The billionaire, who frequently fluctuates between the standing of the richest and second richest person in the world, said in December 2020 he is convinced human life can reach Mars at the subsequent six decades.

Musk is presently working on acquiring a SpaceX rocket to Mars. Yesterdayan experimental Mars prototype rocket exploded in the conclusion of a high-altitude test flight.

Confirming the information on Twitter, Musk said SpaceX would be analyzing the rocket to understand what went wrong.

‘Looks like engine 2 had issues about ascent & didn’t even reach operating chamber pressure throughout landing burnoff, however, in concept it wasn’t desired,’ he said.

Looks like motor 2 had difficulties about ascent & didn’t even reach operating chamber pressure during landing burnoff, however, in theoryit wasn’t desired.

Something significant happened shortly after landing burn start. Should understand what it was once we can analyze the pieces later today.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) March 30, 2021

He included: ‘Something significant happened shortly after landing wake up start. Should understand what it was once we can analyze the pieces later today. ’

Earlier this month, specialists in a World Government Summit dismissed Musk’so plans to attract people to settle on Mars as a ‘unrealistic’, ‘harmful delusion’.

‘The sole reason for humans to visit distance is for adventure. To reside on Mars isn’t likely to be simple. Mars has a hostile environment,’ Martin Rees, the UK’so Astronomer Royal said, according to Sky News.

‘The idea of Elon Musk to really have a million people settle on Mars is a dangerous delusion. Living on Mars is no better than living around the South Pole and also the tip of Mount Everest,’ he added.

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US astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson reported that Musk’s ambitions to set up humanity on Mars from fear that the danger of climate change could wipe out humans on Earth, is unrealistic.

‘To send a million people into a different planet to help them survive a disaster on Earth seems unrealistic. If you want to phone Mars house, then you need to terraform Mars, flip it into Earth,’ that he said.

‘It is really much easier to create Earth return to Earth again instead of terraforming Mars,’ he included.

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