Hyundai Releases First Car With Solar Roof Charging System – And It’s Coming Here Soon



Technology in automobiles has come a long way through recent years. Henry Ford may not recognize something like a self-driving Tesla. However, what we lately see from Hyundai is somewhat different than technology that is self-driving. They’ve released a version of their Sonata that’s solar panels. Hyundai maintains the panels can cost between 30 and 60 percent of their car’battery. Hyundai has said that this may give another 1,300 km each year concerning distance. Although these panels are on the hybrid car, Hyundai sees the potential for the technology to use towards their electric models. The 2020 variant of this Sonata is currently only available on the Korean market, but it is going to be available in the North American market also. (1)

Has This Been Done Before?

Hyundai isn’t the first company to do something. Toyota also has a solar-powered system onto a variant of its Prius. The Karma Revero is just another vehicle for this option. There is also a Dutch firm named Lightyear who is presently working in a vehicle with solar panels. The downside? Lightyear will cost more than $170,000. Vehicles released in 1997 and were designed to increase gas savings. The solar panels are still considered relatively new technologies Though vehicles are out for a range of years. (2)

Which Are The Specifics?

Like many stainless steel devices, photons hit the board ’s coating, by utilizing light in the 29, and they are converted by also the roof of the vehicle. Electricity is formed by the creation of electron-hole pairs in cells and saved in the battery. Hyundai is currently 1 step ahead of the game and functioning on a different solar roof which will be semi-transparent. (3) Heui Won Yang, ” the senior vice president of Hyundai Motor Group stated, “Solar roof technologies is a good example of the way Hyundai Motors is going towards becoming a clean mobility provider. The technology allows our clients to actively tackle the emissions problem. We’re attempting to further expand this technology’s application to vehicles using internal combustion motor beyond eco-friendly vehicle lineup. ” (4) At 150 horsepower in the gasoline engine and the following 52 horsepower in the electric motor, this really is a good amount of torque for a mid-size automobile.

The Future

It is apparent that automobile manufacturers like Hyundai are not only focused on cars but also environmentally friendly ones that are innovative. If this technology is properly implemented, it may be safe to assume that technology sectors will use this sort of power also. Aircraft have already gotten on board using solar power. As mobile phones took more for landlines, it seems that gasoline vehicles could one day become a thing of the past. The shift involving vehicles was active for some time now. Costs on cars have drastically reduced since they were first created. And today cars are gaining in popularity. What does it look like in the next 30 if automobile technology has advanced as far as it’s in the past 30 years, it begs the question?

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