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Hyundai Santa Fe Debuts Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Hyundai Santa Fe Debuts Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Forget automobile keys. Hyundai is rolling out technology which will enable motorists to unlock and begin their vehicle using only their own fingerprint.

The feature will debut to the newest Hyundai Santa Fe that’s coming to China from the first quarter of 2019. We’ve ever achieved to Hyundai to find out if we could anticipate the feature on the newly redesigned Santa Fe here from the U.S.

To unlock the Santa Fe, motorists set a finger on the detector located on the door handle. A controller in the automobile recognizes the encoded info. To start the ignition, drivers will have to scan their fingerprint once more, now onto the ignition . When the car has your fingerprints, then it can automatically adjust the seats, side mirrors, and attached automobile features to your tastes.

“In the foreseeable future, Hyundai Motor intends to further extend the application of the technology to permit the adjustment of temperatures, steering wheel position, and a number of other features that are tailored to driver’s tastes ” stated Albert Biermann, president and head of Research & Development Division for Hyundai Motor Company, in a discharge.

According to Hyundai, there’s only a 1 in 50,000 chance that its technology will misrecognize a different person’s mic as the driver’s. Since Engadget points out, this ’s exactly the same speed Apple gives because of its signature ID tech for iPhones. The system detects differentials from the electricity level in a variety of parts of the fingertip to protect against forgeries, Hyundai states. The automaker also claims that the feature is updated continuously through real-time learning so the success rate will improve over time.

While Hyundai is researching fingerprint technology, Tesla Model 3 drivers can use their smartphone for a key. Meanwhile, the Byton is using facial recognition cameras to adjust settings to the driver.

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