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Jay Leno And Elon Musk Go For A Spin In Tesla Cybertruck, Production Model Will Be 5% Smaller


The Complete episode of Jay Leno’s Garage on CNBC featuring the Tesla Cybertruck and Elon Musk will premiere this Wednesday in 10 P.M Eastern, and a teaser with Some of this Cybertruck inspection premiered on YouTube.

Together with Leno behind the wheel and Musk from the passenger’s seat, the two initial discuss what adjustments will be made into the Cybertruck when it reaches the production line. Musk states Tesla desires its display cars to preview exactly what the final product will appear to be and intentionally avoids releasing concept cars and then launching much more tame production models

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For your Cybertruck, Musk says that the total proportions of the EV will shrink by 5 per cent to ensure it could fit in a garage that is normal. In addition, he adds Tesla will make a range of modifications to details however doesn’t go into too much detail.

Musk adds that the finished production car will keep the armored glass of this series car in addition to the stainless steel body that is bulletproof to shots from a typical handgun. Leno queries why it’s most important for the Cybertruck to become armored, using Musk simply stating that it is “badass” & &ldquo trendy. ”

Near the conclusion of the Cybertruck preview, Musk and Leno accept the Cybertruck through The Boring Company’s test tube under Los Angeles, but regrettably , the clip ends there, significance we’ll need to wait until Wednesday to see whether the Cybertruck really matches through the tube.

The teaser also features Leno grabbing a ride, or rather a trip, in an LA County Fire section helicopter and riding shotgun in a particular, 570 HP Corvette that’s been modified to set a speed record with an unassisted blind man at the helm.

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