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Lucid Air goes 400-miles in SF to LA roadtrip on single charge


American vehicle startup Lucid Motors drove its “Lucid Air” model out of its headquarters in Silicon Valley to Los Angeles and rear, an 800-mile travel, on two charges.

Lucid Motors was established in 2007 and planned to make high-performance electric vehicles. After hammering the Lucid Air at December 2016, the company has fine-tuned its car for the past three-and-a-half decades, making sure it will have the ability to compete with Tesla’s automobiles. It intends to begin production of the Air this year. Additionally, it hopes to use its flagship store situated near its Silicon Valley headquarters to begin a direct-to-consumer sales encounter.

The Lucid Air is a car with 1,000 total horsepower and an estimated top speed of 217 MPH. Beyond performance, the staff at Lucid set out to battle itself on achieving 400 miles on a single charge in mode. Tesla’s Long Range Model S is currently the only vehicle which has an EPA projected array which nears 400 kilometers .

The vehicle’s excursion was documented by some members Lucid’s crew and published in a new video that captured the almost 800-mile travel which consisted of stops for a photoshoot at the Santa Monica Pier, and a few strolls down some of Los Angeles’ most impressive streets.

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Lucid’s long distance travel would choose the automobile from the firm ’s headquarters at Newark, California, just West of Fremont, in which Tesla’s primary production facility is situated. After leaving Northern California, the excursion took the vehicle through a vast range of elevations, travel down the iconic California shore on Pacific Coast Highway 1.

The trip home would deliver the automobile through the Tejon Pass, a stretch of road in the Los Angeles County and Kern County that sits 4,144 feet above sea level. Following the automobile came back in Northern California, it was met by Lucid CEO and former Tesla VP of Engineering Peter Rawlinson, along with 2 Air vehicles traveled across the Golden Gate Bridge back.

The Lucid Air managed to finish this trip with just two charges, only after beginning the trip and a second from an overnight charge following the driver and passenger completed the photoshoot at Santa Monica. The roughly 400 miles per leg trip was completed while using 2170 ion battery cells from both Samsung SDI and LG Chem, the latter being exactly the same as Tesla uses in its own Model 3. The 2170 cells are more energy-dense and compared to the 18650 battery.

But Lucid’s travel from 1 end of California to the other has demonstrated the automaker could turn into a true player in the car market. As companies who are currently transitioning to electric vehicles battle with variety in their automobiles, Lucid has been able to show that its own pre-production Air could travel through the highs and highs of the Golden Gate with its remarkable selection.

See Lucid’so called documentation of the “Lucid Air’s” travel through California below.

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