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What are we gon na na’ do with all this information? Permit ’s make it some fun! That’therefore the purpose of the just-launched Data Loggin’ competition . Do something clever to automatically log a data collection and display it in an interesting way. Three winners will each receive a 100 Tindie present certificate for displaying an awesome job.

One year old baby sleep patterns analyzed by @Lagomorpho in a brand new blanket.

Data logging is often a problem when working within a job, but how you collect and store data can have a significant influence on the end undertaking. Just ask Tesla that are taking a look at a more multi-thousand-dollar repair process for neglecting eMMC from too much logging. Oops. If you log into a SD card? Internet? Stone tablets? (Yes please, we actually really want to observe that for this contest.) Make certain to discuss those details so that your job can be a template for other people to learn from later on.

Then think about Schrodinger’s dataset: if the information is not utilized does it actually exist? Grab some attention with how you use this information. That automatic donut slicer you built could be used to slice up a yummy pie-chart of the minutes that you spent on the elliptical weekly. Your electricity intake might be plotted in case you connect which OpenCV meter writer up to your favorite cloud service to visualize the information or some NodeRED dash should you’d rather keep things local. You might also make some of that info permanent, such as this blanket which encoded baby’s sleep patterns in the colours .

You probably already have something harvesting data. Here’s the excuse you will need to do something silly (or serious) with this info. Inform us about it by publishing a job page on and also don ’forget to use that “Submit Project To” menu to add it into the Data Loggin’ contest.

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