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Nissan and EVgo to add 200 fast chargers as more electric vehicles hit US roads


Nissan along with EVgo said Tuesday they will install yet another 200 DC quickly chargers in the United States to support the increasing number of customers who are purchasing electric vehicles, including the new Nissan Leaf e+ which came to market earlier this season.

Even the 100 kilowatt DC fast-charging channels will have both CHAdeMO along with CCS connectors, which makes them accessible to more EV drivers. Both charger connectors’ inclusion is logical; it’s notable for Nissan, when the advocates for CHAdeMO chargers.

The announcement builds from the firms ’ six-year venture, which included assembling out a corridor of all EV chargers along Interstate 95 around the East Coast, as well as between Monterey, Calif., and Lake Tahoe.

Nissan says it’s set up over 2,000 connectors that are quick-charge throughout the country since 2010.

Strategies to add an additional 200 quickly chargers follows the launching of this 2019 Nissan Leaf e+. Even the Nissan Leaf e+, which came to the U.S. and Canada this spring, has a selection of 226 kilometers and fast-charging capability.

This version of this Leaf hatchback has 40% more range than other models as a result of a 62 kilowatt-hour battery pack. That 226-mile range sets the Leaf e+ just under the Chevy Bolt EV, which has a 238-mile variety, the Kia Niro EV with 239 miles along with the Tesla Model 3 regular variety plus with 240 miles.

“Given the tremendous motorist response to this 2019 long-range all-electric LEAF, Nissan and EVgo will accelerate rapid charging by committing to a multi-year charger structure application that will continue to enlarge fast-charging possibilities for EV drivers throughout the country,” Aditya Jairaj, director, EV Sales and Marketing, Nissan North America said in a statement.

The firms also plan to partner on a marketing campaign to sell customers on the benefits of EVs, also for Nissan, hopefully convince more to purchase its Nissan Leaf Plus. Nissan’s July earnings statistics were down in comparison to the identical month last year, a recession which has influenced the Leaf, as well.

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