Polestar 2’s Advanced Lighting Tech Helps It Shine During Winter Time



Seen as how it’s a Volvo product, the Polestar two EV fastback is well adapted to manage darkness, if it’s night or by day (you buy both in Scandinavia).

Its main instrument in such situations is its advanced lighting technology, such as the Pixel LED headlights or even the elastic rear lights, both of which give the design a distinctive light touch which ’s easily identifiable. Permit ’s put it this way, you definitely won’t mistake it for a Tesla.

“When you drive Polestar two, especially in the dark, you truly know how much this technology increases security,” said business CEO, Thomas Ingenlath. “LED light also allows for creativity, and the light signatures we have made are unmistakable. They are identifying and people will know you are driving a Polestar. ”

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The Pixel LED headlights are available as standard at launch, including the carmaker’so active high beam technology, in addition to a “welcome chain ” that is activated when the ‘2’ is unlocked. You’ll find a number of 84 person LED pixels forming a matrix in every lamp, where every LED is controlled separately.

This allows the lighting units to maneuver clear of up to five leading or oncoming vehicles while in motion. The driver can thus maintain the lights on high beam (without having to be worried about switching between styles ), which subsequently allows for maximum forward visibility.

Meanwhile, the front fog lights feature cornering support in addition to energy efficient LED technologies , sparking automatically at reduced speeds according to steering or turn signal input.

Last but not the least, the taillights, that feature 288 LEDs at a distinctive full-width wrap-around pattern, offering both welcome and farewell lighting sequences. The rear light bar’s flexible lighting technician boosts increased brightness during the day, while at night that the LEDs automatically subdued in order to not dazzle trailing drivers.

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