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Porsche Taycan Turbo first ride teases production specs and price, Turbo S and RWD GTS variant


Porsche recently allowed Automobile Magazine a rare test ride at the Taycan Turbo, the version of this company’s modern all-electric car. The test drive provided what could be described as the closest look yet at the approaching vehicle, and based on this magazine’s impressions; it appears that the Taycan Turbo could very well become one of Porsche’s most iconic cars yet.

Porsche designed the Taycan with the very same principles. It’s inside and outside, it handles like a sports car, and it’s quick — very quick. The magazine highlighted this in its evaluation ride, stating that the vehicle has a habit of pushing drivers and passengers back into their seats when it accelerates from 0-60 mph in just over 3 seconds. The publication also noted that the Taycan is more reminiscent of the Porsche 911 compared to Porsche’s four-door flagship, the Panamera, based on how the car handled itself despite its weight.

While the Taycan is impressive, the test ride did raise a concern for the vehicle: it’s charging. The Taycan could be charged with up to 250 kW but there are only a few charging stations now. Even 400V stations, which can charge the Taycan at around 150 kW, are still comparatively few. One can only hope that Porsche can secure the Taycan’s charging infrastructure from the time the vehicle’s production version is unveiled this coming September.

A render of the Porsche Taycan’s production variant. (Credit: St00k/Taycanforum.com)

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Perhaps most notable from the book ’s test drive were the particulars of the car which were revealed by the carmaker. For starters, all Taycans, regardless of trim, are equipped with PSCB brakes, even though carbon choices are available. Like electric vehicles, the Taycan is capable of regenerative braking although the vehicle’s greatest regeneration is an kW. Higher-tier models boast features like rear-wheel steering and air suspension.

Porsche is yet to fully announce the final specs of this Taycan, though a new ambassador has supported the contents of a record obtained by the Automobile listing the features and specs of every Taycan version. According to the record, the foundation Taycan will be Rear Wheel Drive only, and it will be equipped with an 80 kWh battery pack. The foundation Taycan will be powered by a choice of 240-kW (322-hp) and 280-kW (375-hp) motors, and it will command a price in the low ~$90,000 range.

A render of the Porsche Taycan’s production variant. (Credit: St00k/Taycanforum.com)

The vehicle’s mid-range variant, the Taycan 4S, will allegedly be equipped with a 96 kW battery pack and 320-kW (429-hp) or 360-kW (483-hp) electric motors. Pricing for the Taycan 4S will start in the high ~$90,000 range. The Taycan Turbo, which is the vehicle’s top-of-the-line version upon its release, will reportedly feature a 96 kWh battery, a 160-kW (215-hp)/221-lb-ft motor up front, and a 300-kW (402-hp)/405-lb-ft motor at the rear. Pricing for the Taycan Turbo is expected to begin at ~$140,000.

The Porsche Taycan is expected to be unveiled sometime this coming September, with the company offering the foundation, 4S, and Turbo versions to clients. At least two other variants of this Taycan will allegedly be unveiled later, one of which is a fairly insane 540-kW (724-hp) Turbo S variant and a milder RWD GTS trim that will probably be incredibly fun to drive on the track. Porsche is thinking about improving its charging infrastructure in the near future, with peak charging rates.

The Porsche Taycan is arguably one of the most anticipated vehicles at the car market this year as it’s one that has the capacity to directly challenge the Tesla Model S at the premium EV segment. Porsche is moving full throttle to get ready for the Taycan’s generation and ramp, together with the company radically upgrading its Zuffenhausen site to accommodate the manufacturing of the vehicle.

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