Public EV charging is a problem. Biden’s presidency could change that.



Public EV charging is a problem. Biden’s presidency could change that.

California is the most populous country once it comes to cars: It accounts for around half of all U.S. electric vehicles revenue . But with Teslas, Nissan Leafs, and Chevy Bolts all over the place, it’s not always easy to find a public charging station without a lineup , especially when driving long distances throughout California. That does not bode well for other states like Maryland, Colorado, also Oklahoma, that are all trying to encourage greater EV sales.

Now President Biden is currently in office, we will see if his plans to accelerate EV adoption imply the supportive infrastructure (such as people charging stations and also more fast-charging connections for 30-minute”fill-ups”) will really come to fruition. The plan outlines 500,000 new EV plugs around the U.S at the end of this decade. But in a EV-friendly country such as California, with almost 800,000 plug EVs and almost 70,000 chargers, it stays a battle to charge up when away from house . That means charging capacity is way behind requirement. So while half a million is still a reasonable goal, it may not be enough as well as to make matters more complex, it’s not only a matter of adding new plugs. Read …

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