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SpaceX, NASA complete one final dress rehearsal before historic liftoff


SpaceX’s Crew Dragon capsule can take people into orbit for the first time, in only three days. In preparation for that historical liftoff, it s first passengers — NASA astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley — put on their spacesuits for a trial run. 

The dress rehearsal was the last practice run before the big day’s occasions. Behnken and also Hurley, together with members and countless engineers of launching control teams around three centers, practiced exactly what it would be like to conduct the launching.

The day began with Behnken and also Hurley putting on their spacesuits, followed closely by the walk from their astronaut quarters. The duo posed to get a few pictures before leaping in their Tesla and pushing off toward the launching pad. The white model X was emblazoned with NASA logs — the worm and the meatball. 

Instead of the astrovans of yesteryear, Bob and Doug will ride into the launching pad at a Unique white Tesla model X. Credit: NASA
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After in the mat , the 2 astronauts hopped into a elevator bound for the team access arm, which towers 265-feet off the ground. The team then boarded the Dragon capsule by means of a hatch on the vehicle’s side. After strapping in, the team performed before continuing using a simulated launch countdown, some strategy checkouts.

’ s activities encompassed what the team will go through stopping before the fuel is loaded on board, the day. When the test run was finished, the team disembarked in the Dragon, also rode inside their Tesla  back.

Behnken and also Hurley completed on past training run on Saturday, May 23. The duo ran through launching day profits from start to redesign load. Credit: NASA

The duo has named their Dragon spacecraft, but have decided to keep that name. The design of spacecraft extends back into the beginning of the space application.

Together with the last dress rehearsal in the novels, the final major hurdle for SpaceX will be a launch willingness review on Monday. If all goes as intended and weather in the start site cooperates, Behnken and also Hurley will lift on May 27 in 4:33 p.m. EDT.

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