SPIED: Potential BMW i4 testing in snow — looks like 4 Series Gran Coupe



BMW just teased some official photos of the forthcoming iNEXT doing a few winter testing from Sweden. But the BMW iNEXT isn’t the only electric Bimmer to become caught today doing some winter testing. The forthcoming BMW i4 might have been caught as well. (We neglect ’t own the spy pictures but you can view them here)

These new photographs reveal of a BMW that looks quite much like the 4 Series Gran Coupe, in terms of body design and shape. It’s certainly a sleek four-door with a liftback tailgate, much like the 4er GC. However, there are also big “Electric Test Vehicle” decals on back and the side of the vehicle. This would indicate its electric nature and the fact that it s the BMW i4.

What ’s odd is it looks like there are two exhaust pipes. Upon closer inspection, however, it seems as if they re imitation. It seems as if they re just a part of their camouflage on the automobile to throw off busy-bodies from the s scent.

Including these photos are some we’ve already seen, of those BMW i4 onto a car carrier. In those photos, you can observe the fake exhaust pipes clearer plus they cartoon exhausts. Which is kind of humorous.

The BMW i4 will ride the newest ’s CLAR architecture, very similar to the BMW 3 Series. In fact, throughout our interview with Klaus Fröhlich, he mentioned he was enthusiastic about the i4 due to its similarities in dynamics and size to the three Series. So it needs to be a sporty coupe. It’s also believed to pack one in every axle, two motors, which makes it all-wheel driveway along with a variety of around 435 miles. No power figures have been revealed but BMW claims that its 0-60 mph time will be in accordance with the remainder of the section.

From these photographs, the BMW i4 is shaping up to appear like a 4 Series Gran Coupe and that’s no bad thing. The concept although it is going to resemble a normal production BMW, however possess a electric powertrain made from the ground up under that relatively ordinary epidermis, is a very cool on.

[Source: Car Scoops]

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