Sven Väth Gifts Elon Musk With Space Travel-Themed Soundtrack



Sven Väth seemed to be rather inspired by Musk following an interaction with the tech mogul at the Axel Springer Award service.

Last week, Tesla along with SpaceX CEO Elon Musk accepted that the Axel Springer Award at the company’s headquarters in Berlin. One of techno music’s most successful titles, that the multi-decade veteran producer Sven Väth, has been in attendance and spoke to Musk, presenting him with fresh songs in honor of the occasion. 

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After the service, Väth shared large praise of Musk online, commending him for his risk-taking soul in the title of benefitting mankind. “His courage to break through old structures, to rethink the transport system and so much more is benefiting humanity,” Väth wrote.  “We need people like him in our time to look for answers in an ever-growing society so that we can continue to live safely and without fear.” 

The producer bestowed Musk using a present, which he quipped buffs might listen in a couple of years aboard their very first commercial space flight, even presuming Musk’s strategies are powerful.  Väth gather a Soundtrack for Space Travel compilation record at a vinyl package, which donned intergalactic-themed cover artwork painted with his own son, Tiga.

The tech mogul also received two fresh exclusive remixes from Väth along with Gregor Tresher of the dancing music introduction attempt, “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe.”



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