Take A Look At How Tesla’s Newest Gear Selector Solution Actually Works



Before this year, Tesla declared they would be releasing a redesigned Model S and Model X. When most folks were expecting major cosmetic updates, the fundamental changes were a bit more usability-related.

Rather, Tesla has decided that gear selectors are a thing of the past. Gone is the gear selector stem that was used to feature on Teslas. Rather, altering is now automated, while you also get “backup” touchscreen options. Inside this, a vehicle icon in the touch screen ought to be dragged down or up, based upon your preferred direction.

Ok, this is how u change gears in your newest S/X 🤔😎@elonmusk @tesla pic.twitter.com/dXtsSzQBAS

— Michael Hsu (@hsumacher) March 24, 2021

About Joe Rogan’s podcast, Musk explained how he analyzed the new technologies and was pleased with the results. But, based on innovator Elon Musk, this new initiative is only a backup. Musk is adamant the new Model S and X could figure out the best way to do the gear changing for you. “Car guesses drive direction according to what challenges it sees, context & nav map”, tweeted on that the billionaire at January. Musk says that once you’ve driven with no PRND rod for a few days, return to it seems very bothersome and conservative. However, it’s only now we’ve obtained a peek of how this could work.

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No longer stalks. Car guesses drive direction according to what hurdles it sees, context & nav map. It’s possible to override on touchscreen.

— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) January 28, 2021

The Verge reports an internal document obtained by Electrek after the statement revealed the new Tesla would “automatically change to undo once the driver presses the brake pedal” if the car realized there was a solid thing in front of it.

Musk is notorious for pushing the boundaries of what’s potential with his designs which is a major contributing factor to the success of his ventures. But it remains to be seen how many regulatory bodies see the new improvements to Tesla’s.

Tesla isn’t the very first business to attempt to alter the way that gear selection functions; nevertheless, federal motor vehicle security standards are strict about how PRND is shown to the driver, which makes it a substantial challenge to overcome.

A conventional automatic shifter using PRND markings

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