Home News Tesla and rival Nikola listed among most innovative and disruptive companies in freight

Tesla and rival Nikola listed among most innovative and disruptive companies in freight

Tesla and rival Nikola listed among most innovative and disruptive companies in freight

This season, the FreightWaves Research Institute conducted a study aimed at deciding which businesses would be definitely the most innovative and disruptive in the logistics and freight industry. By 500 companies, a panel of specialists selected by the institute narrowed the list to 25. These 25 companies reflected the very best the freight and logistics business has to offer, concerning innovation, technician, and potential disruption.

Called the Freight.Tech25, the institute’s listing of top firms included freight logistics heavyweights such as Amazon and J.B. Hunt. Standing close to the very top of the Top 25 listing was Tesla, that placed third overall. Tesla was one of the few automakers that made it into the Freight.Tech25, beating out Daimler, which placed 11th at the analysis ’s rankings. Trucking startup Nikola Motor Company, which makes hydrogen-electric trucks, placed 24th at the Top 25 listing.

FreightWaves (a book supporting the institute that conducted the study) has traditionally been very bearish on Tesla, and in particular, Elon Musk. Nevertheless, the book notes that supporting all the drama and controversy surrounding its CEO, it’s indisputable that Tesla has “put much of the conversation about autonomous (technologies) and electrification, and incumbents and OEMs across the planet are chasing them. ” Led from the Tesla Semi and automobiles such as the Model 3, the electric vehicle manufacturer appears poised to become a genuine disruptor in the transportation and logistics field.

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Talking in a symposium, James O’Leary, VP of NFI Industries fleet services mentioned the long-haul industry today is growing very specific about electrification. The NFI Industries executive needed a name for the trend — that the “Tesla Effect. ”

“Nobody in North America was speaking about electric vehicles until your local news outlets picked up the rollout of this Tesla Semi. That led basically to what we predict the Tesla impact. Now shippers are asking their carriers where you’re with electric vehicles,” he explained.

Another astonishing automaker which made it on this Freight.Tech25 is Tesla rival Nikola Motor, a company that makes hydrogen-electric long-haulers. Considering the startup is yet to start the production of any of its vehicles, the business ’s place at the FreightWaves Research Institute’s list is commendable. The institute has noted, though, that Nikola’so technician has received excellent reviews concerning fleet pre-orders. Thanks in part to this firm ’s training of accepting orders with no booking fee, Nikola has reportedly received over $8 billion in pre-orders because of its lineup of hydrogen-electric trucks — that the Nikola One sleeper, the Nikola Two daycab, and the Nikola Tre, that is made for the European and Australian industry.

In true Nikola manner, the trucking startup has issued a bold, optimistic statement on its official Twitter page, stating that while it was great to get it into the Freight.Tech25, the provider believes in the notion that “If you ain’t first, then you ’re last. ” As such, Nikola announced that it “will not be fine with 24th location. ”

While it’s nice getting in top 25, our company opinion is that”If you ain't first you're last”. Thanks Ricky Bobby, we concur. Nikola will not be ok with 24th location. Our only objective is #emissionsgameover https://t.co/x9Mwz6Nvvy

— Nikola Motor Company (@nikolamotor) December 17, 2018

For now, Tesla proceeds to check that the Semi on US roads, together with the firm ’s prototypes being retrieved across several nations. Just lately, even the matte black Tesla Semi model , that has remained unseen for months, has been sighted charging at the Kettleman City Supercharger. Nikola, for its part, is preparing to hold its toughest event this coming April, where it’s set to unveil its new hydrogen-electric trucks.

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