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Tesla China is on track for next big Model 3 milestone for Gigafactory Shanghai


Tesla China is on track to reach another milestone on its Gigafactory Shanghai facility. In a recent interview with local media outlet Xinhua News, Tesla Global VP Tao Lin stated that the electrical car maker is poised to reach a production speed of 4,000 Model 3 per week in its Shanghai-based facility as early as the end of June. 

Gigafactory Shanghai’s 4,000 per week Model 3 generation target was discussed in the Q1 2020 Update Letter, together with the company saying that the target output will likely be reached sometime in the center of year. In the event the Tesla VP’s statements prove true, the electrical car maker would be poised to reach its aspirational aims. 

Producing 4,000 Model 3 per week at the end of June isn’t any joke, considering that the challenges that were faced by Tesla when it had been ramping the electrical automobile ’s generation in the United States. During the Model 3 fall in Fremont, the development from a manufacturing speed of 2,500 units per week to 5,000 units per week required a substantial amount of time and lots of pain on Elon Musk’s component.

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In comparison, the Model 3 dip in Gigafactory Shanghai seems to be progressing smoothly. The facility started generating trial units of this Model less than annually because the facility’s groundbreaking, and from January 2020, the Shanghai-based plant has been prepared for mass manufacturing . The facility’s output has improved, from 2,000 per week to 3,000 per week in a matter of months.

This was even though the outbreak of COVID-19 in China. Gigafactory Shanghai’s operations were affected by the 2020 Spring Festival, but the coronavirus outbreak finally led to Tesla’s China factory being shut until February 10. Then was that the electric car maker able to slowly resume its Model 3 ramp back again. This, if any, creates the fact that Tesla China is poised to strike at 4,000 Model 3 per week at the end of June extremely impressive.  

It seems that Tesla will probably be over-delivering on its targets for Gigafactory Shanghai. The Model 3 factory in the Gigafactory Shanghai complex was expected to hit on a manufacturing run-rate of 150,000 vehicles annually in 2020, which translates to approximately 3,000 units each week. If Tesla can optimize its China plant’s surgeries further, there is a chance that the company may reach a run rate that’s beyond 150,000 each year at the end of December. 

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