Home News Tesla community comes together for final end-of-quarter Model 3 delivery push

Tesla community comes together for final end-of-quarter Model 3 delivery push

Tesla community comes together for final end-of-quarter Model 3 delivery push

Tesla is hours from the end of this third quarter, and the carmaker remains pressing its end-of-Q3 shipping drive . While the quarters have been about the company’therefore challenges in production, Q3 appears to be about the electric automobile maker’s capacity to get its vehicles to many reservation holders. Tesla has embraced a set of applications that let it expedite deliveries, even from prolonged working hours in shipping centers, running handovers at customers’ houses, to enabling volunteer proprietors to assist the company by orienting newcomers using the features and purposes of their electric vehicles.

Elon Musk himself has noticed that Tesla has gone directly from “creation hell” to “delivery logistics hell. ” Considering recent estimates about Tesla’s production amounts this Q3, this definitely appears to be the case. Even notable Tesla skeptics, after all, have noticed that the firm would probably reach its self-imposed and arguably ambitious target of producing 50,000-55,000 Model 3 this quarter. Thus, for Q3, at least, it appears that Tesla’s obstacle is its ability to deliver the vehicles it produces. 

Based on social networking action from members of the Tesla community, it appears that the company’s shipping initiative that is volunteer-boosted is still strong. While volunteer Model S, 3X owners are not able to assist with paperwork, even the assistance they offer to owners will be seeking to be invaluable. This was absolutely captured in a picture shared with the N TX Tesla Owners group on Twitter, which depicted each volunteer helping new owners download the Tesla program even before they are assessed in.

@elonmusk this is our favorite picture from today. Each proprietor is helping the program is downloaded by owners, prior to answering or sending queries while waiting to be assessed in. #goteamtesla #dallasdeliveries pic.twitter.com/gkaaFjBQKz

— N TX Tesla Owners (@NTXTeslaOwners) September 29, 2018

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Tesla owner-enthusiasts in Colorado, including networking influencers, have returned this weekend in delivering vehicles to assist the company. Articles on Twitter from some volunteer teams mentioned that owners have been taking shifts to assist as many owners as you can.

#Denver @tesla controlled deliveries this week. Unconfirmed reports of 200+ automobiles delivered both Friday, Saturday alone. Along side Tesla have been 30 volunteers providing 40+ hours helping send and teach new owners, such as a brand new #Model3 for @kimbal. Props to @elonmusk and staff! pic.twitter.com/bmIaCZQNdg

— Sean M Mitchell (@seanmmitchell) September 30, 2018

The @Tesla Owings Mills, Maryland volunteer proprietor shipping team! @elonmusk @andrewket @jcadman22 pic.twitter.com/GOkp4BZ51m

— Tesla Mid Atlantic (@TeslaMdAtlantic) September 30, 2018

First and second largest change at @Tesla North Houston. A lot of satisfied new owners ! pic.twitter.com/8kVnO0Jshx

— Stephen Pace (@StephenPace) September 29, 2018

In Canada, Tesla’s owners are out in full force. A Tesla proprietor from Ontario  even noticed that the automobile maker is embracing a pretty clever strategy in among its delivery facilities to enable quick handovers. 

#Tesla craziness in Ontario – four car conveys arrived while I had been trying to volunteer – automobiles arrive in 1 side, get detailed, paired with the owners and push out the other side of the complex pic.twitter.com/dUrQTm2vD6

— Avron (@Avron_p) September 29, 2018

Day two at the shipping center helping with orientations about the Model 3. #weekendvibes pic.twitter.com/QCeBI9r60Z

— Aniseh Sharifi (@ani_seh) September 30, 2018

@elonmusk thousands of owner/volunteers from Tesla Owners Club of Ontario are spending hundreds of hours to assist @Tesla provide hundreds of vehicles this week at the International Centre. #loyal #dedicated #enthusiastic pic.twitter.com/DERvHxWiSV

— Blue Sky Kites (@blueskykites) September 29, 2018

Tesla has been in the auto business for 15 decades, and therefore, it’s still a neophythe in comparison to veterans like Ford and GM. Despite its short tenure Tesla has established a following that is comparable to a few of the industry’s most iconic brands like Apple. The company’s no-compromises approach using its cars, for a person, has ultimately allowed it to grow from a market carmaker that produces a small, two-seater electrical sports car right into a company that’s producing what might well be the electric-powered, second coming of the Ford Model T.

There is not any doubt that Tesla still has a great deal to learn, as evidenced hell” that the company is presently addressing. But like its CEO, as Tesla proceeds to fall forward, it becomes ever closer to attaining goals which were previously considered as impossible.

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