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Tesla Cybertruck Spotted In Traffic, Looks Like It Just Time Traveled Back To 2019


If you believed that Tesla’s wedge-shaped Cybertruck looked odd on stage or through those night media runs, wait till you watch it pass in traffic during daytime.

This footage comes courtesy of Chicago_roy on Instagram, and shows a Cybertruck prototype (windows complete and most importantly ), driving in Hawthorne, California, Close to the Tesla Design Studio. It ’ s enough for us to make sense of exactly what it’s we ’ re Even though the clip only lasts for about four seconds.

Initially, we actually believed there’s no one in the driver’s seat, that wouldn’t be all that strange given Tesla’s revolutionary Autopilot system. However, by pausing multiple occasions to the clip, the silhouette of the driver’s mind becomes observable.

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In addition, we get to observe the way the all-electric pickup measures up to surrounding traffic, specifically a gray Nissan Maxima by its side along with a blue Model X tracking behind. In other words, the Cybertruck is gigantic, almost looking as a heavy duty truck, as opposed to a regular F-150/ / Ram 1500/ / Silverado 1500 rival.

In reality, however, the Cybertruck is much more of a tweener, measuring 231.7 inches (5,885 mm) in length, 79.8 inches (2,027 mm) in diameter and 75.0 inches (1,905 mm) in height. So it’s definitely a match for an entry level F-150 dual taxi, but not quite as enormous as an F-450 SuperCab Dually.

Additionally, it seems as though it doesn’t actually belong within this period of time, but the more we find it, the more we’ll get used to it, probably. In terms of something we could get used to – the tri-motor model ’s 2.9 second 0-60 acceleration time, plain and simple.

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“WHAT THE HECK” Spotted @elonrmuskk cruising through Hawthorne because new @teslamotors pickup truck today. #tesla #spacex #teslatruck #hawthorne #cruising #elonmusk #thefuture #backtothefuture #cybertruck #worldstar #tsr #tmz #balleralert #theshaderoom #explorepage #ev #Electricvehicle #rawfootage #whattheheck

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