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Tesla Giga Shanghai is seeing a mysterious expansion beyond the Model Y factory


The pace of Gigafactory Shanghai’s construction has gotten to a point where it is now normal to spot gigantic buildings being built from the ground up in but a couple of months. Over the past couple of months, all eyes have been focused on the site’s Phase 2A zone, that happens to be the forthcoming Model Y mill. Flyovers of this Gigafactory Shanghai complex show that the building activities in the area are now moving far beyond the Model Y plant.

As can be found in a recent movie posted by Tesla enthusiast and drone operator Jason Yang, the Model Y mill in Gigafactory Shanghai is quickly coming to kind. The enormous facility, which looks quite similar to the Model 3 mill constructed a year prior, is currently getting its floors paved with concrete. The center ’s roof and some walls are now being put up.

This is impressive in its own right, and it hints at the potential for this Model Y&rsquo. With the pace of this mill & rsquo; s construction in mind, it wouldn’t be surprising if trial production runs of their crossover that is all-electric are held within this year. Tesla appears to be following this timeframe with the firm noting that Model Y deliveries to consumers could begin in 2021.

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But another story is forming right beside Tesla’s grand Model Y mill in China. A look at the footage of this Gigafactory Shanghai complex shows that the Model Y facility is one of several buildings which are being assembled rapidly. Granted s production plant appears to be advancing somewhat faster, but the buildings with it are much catching up.

What’s interesting is that Tesla has so far been very quiet about the character of these structures. Back in the times of this Phase 1 zone’s construction, it was obvious that Tesla was constructing three principal structures: a Model 3 mill, a battery pack meeting building, and a substation. The goal of the buildings in the Phase two zone apart from the Model Y mill itself has remained rather mysterious thus far.

Tesla China’s contributed Gigafactory Shanghai programs at November 2019. (Credit: Tesla China)

Matters become even more interesting if one looks at the programs that Tesla China shared for the completed Gigafactory Shanghai complicated . As of late last year, Tesla China’s programs show four major structures which would include the completed Gigafactory. Interestingly , the structures with all the Model Y mill seem to be absent in the programs that the business has contributed thus far.

The purposes of Gigafactory Shanghai’s buildings even though it would be interesting to see just what the structures would be once they are finished stay unknown for now. This is especially notable since the site has a battery package and powertrain assembly facility and a power station. Maybe the buildings will be utilized for administrative purposes, or they’ll be utilized for storing completed automobiles, or perhaps even the assembly of electricity solutions? Time would tell.

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