Tesla Giga Shanghai production figures show more efficient manufacturing



Among Tesla’s chief focuses in 2020 is to boost the efficiency of its manufacturing series. CEO Elon Musk was vocal about his support for raising production efficiency throughout Tesla’s two currently-operational automobile manufacturing centers. Previously, Musk has said that the firm ’s production plants would be “Alien Dreadnought” factories, geared toward efficiency and automation. In China, in Giga Shanghai, matters are getting more efficient based on recent production numbers.

According to @DKurac on Twitter, Tesla’s Model 3 production in the Giga Shanghai plant has been down 3.9% in September compared to August. But, Giga Shanghai was closed for the last 10 days of September, meaning it missed out on its own preceding month’s threshold by about 500 cars while being closed for one third of this month.

Credit: @DKurac | Twitter
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The last ten times in Giga Shanghai have been non-operational due to a national holiday.

Tesla has only been producing cars in China for nine months, as its very first actual deliveries started in January 2020. Since that time, Chinese citizens are purchasing the Model 3 in numbers that are increasing every month. Just a couple outliers exist, like April, when Tesla earnings in China slumped by 64%. But this was on account of the firm ’s announcement that it might be reducing the purchase price of this Model 3 Standard Range+ variant in China so it might qualify for local subsidies.

Sales in May rebounded, along with the Model 3, once again, became China’s best-selling EV.

With the increased demand for your firm ’s automobiles, Tesla has been adjusting the price of the assorted Model 3 settings to be competitive with other EVs in the marketplace. Recent price comparisons show that the Model 3 SR+ remains qualifying for local subsidies, although the LR RWD variant is currently fitting prices of their XPeng P7.

Credit: @_mm85 | Twitter

In terms of the manufacturing numbers, Tesla is surely ramping quite well in China. If Giga Shanghai might have been making cars for the last ten weeks of September, it is safe to presume it might have been a record month in terms of production. Breaking it down further, the 12,212 vehicles the company made in 20 days means Tesla built around 610 cars each day. At the last ten times, an additional 6,106 vehicles could have rolled off production lines, which makes for a monthly fee of 18,318 cars in September.

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