Tesla Gigafactory 3 gets air conditioning units installed as substation nears completion



Tesla’s Gigafactory 3 is still under construction, however sections of the gigantic Shanghai-based complicated are already approaching their operational period. As can be observed in a recent drone flyover of the site, the general assembly construction for the Model 3 and the southwest substation seem to be nearing completion. 

The recent footage comes courtesy of Tesla fan and drone operator Jason Yang, who has been chronicling the development of Gigafactory 3 because its revolutionary service in January. Since then, the expansive site has changed in a muddy field with a couple pile drivers into a bustling industrial complex, complete with dormitories, offices, a substation, and naturally, a giant electrical car production centre. 

Looking at the new movie, it appears that the setup of about 35 industrial-grade air conditioning units for your general assembly construction was completed. The AC units seem to have been installed on the finished regions of Gigafactory 3, and that, as hinted at in the company’s Q2 Update Letter, are already being fitted with electrical vehicle production gear. 

Images of Gigafactory 3’s inside shared with Tesla within its Q2 Update Letter. (Credit: Tesla)

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In the outside, Gigafactory 3 appears more and more comprehensive, with much more bay doors being installed and huge sections which were previously left available being overlaid with partitions. The whole roof of Gigafactory 3 is almost fully paved too, and painted in Tesla’s classic, tidy white. 

Also notable from the recent flyover has been the incredible progress of the southwest substation’s buildout. The building of the building appears to have just hit its stride past month, however as then, the substation has grown to what appears like a multi-story centre. Comparable to large sections of the general assembly construction, the partitions of Gigafactory 3’s southwest substation are now being constructed. 

The progress of Gigafactory 3 continues to be remarkable, though a lot of it’s stayed mostly unreported by mainstream media in the United States. Tesla did discuss some pictures from the facility’s inside in its Q2 Update Letter, showing four sections of the Model 3 production line which are already being built. This was verified by fellow drone operator Wuwa Vision, who recently was able to talk with one of their website ’s contractors working on the Model 3’s automobile production lines. A movie of the dialogue between the Tesla enthusiast and also the Gigafactory 3 employee could be looked at here

Tesla is planning to initiate the production of Model 3 Gigafactory 3 by the close of the calendar year,  although reports from Chinese media have suggested that trials runs for the vehicle’s manufacturing could start sooner than expected. With the first batch of hires allegedly being advised to report to the site in the end of July, Tesla may well start trial Model 3 production works as soon as September.  

Watch Gigafactory 3’s newest drone flyover in the movie below. 

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