Tesla Model Y deliveries in China moved to Q2 2021 amid influx of orders



It looks like the influx of orders for the Made-in-China Tesla Model Y is not abating anytime soon. According to current updates to Tesla China’s online configurator, orders for the all-electric crossover placed today finally have a estimated delivery date sometime in the next quarter of 2021. 

The upgrade was shared on Twitter from Tesla proprietor and EV urge @Ray4Tesla, who noticed the Giga Shanghai-made Model Y’therefore anticipated delivery dates were recorded as February on March 2021 yesterday. The fact that this date has been pushed back to sometime in the next quarter today indicates that a fantastic number of all Model Y orders are still coming in. 

BREAKINGI posted that the MIC Model Y shipping period moved from Jan initially to Feb.. Currently @Teslacn has revised deliveries to a year in Q2. Seems like the massive requirement of MIC Model Y is the reason for the delay. Q1 is slow for Tesla however MIC Y might change that. https://t.co/CXCG9Tqawo pic.twitter.com/cZFdCRgo0z

— Ray4Tesla⚡🚘☀🔋 (@ray4tesla) January 6, 2021

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What is quite interesting is that the very first quarter is traditionally series for Tesla at China. Even the Model Y, contemplating its first reception from the public so far, seems poised to buck this trend, permitting the EV manufacturer to post strong earnings in Q1 2021. This should help Tesla fulfill its creation goal this year for Gigafactory Shanghai, which reportedly stands at roughly 550,000 vehicles, comprised of 300,000 Model 3 and 250,000 Model Y. 

While Tesla hasn’t confirmed previous reports regarding its reported 550,000-vehicle aim this 2021, a recent study in China Industrial Securities has estimated that the electrical automobile manufacturer is poised to create 523,000 vehicles at 2021, comprised of 278,000 Model 3 and 245,000 Model Y. The financial company noted that Tesla’s Gigafactory Shanghai has reached a manufacturing capacity of 8,000 vehicles per week, comprised of 5,000 Model 3 and 3,000 Model Y. 

Appears there’re some remarks about 8k/week ability. How can it lead upward to 523k units at EOY? My 1st tweet runs out of space for me to elaborate about manufacturing ramp. 8k is the first capacity which is scaled around 12-13k/week at mid 2021 and up to 15k/week at EOY.

— Ray4Tesla⚡🚘☀🔋 (@ray4tesla) January 5, 2021

The advancement of Gigafactory Shanghai has been noteworthy, with all the center ’s Phase two zone, which hosts the Model Y mill, being constructed at record rate regardless of the pandemic. Recent flyovers of the Gigafactory Shanghai website hint that Model Y volume manufacturing is well underway, together using the center ’therefore holding lots now being populated by larges amounts of the all-electric crossover. That having been said, considering the Model Y continues to be bringing large numbers of individuals into Tesla shops across China, Giga Shanghai might need to dig deep so as to satisfy with up with the demand for the all-electric crossover. 

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