Tesla responds to Consumer Reports’ latest Model 3 rating



Tesla shares (NASDAQ:TSLA) are right down after Consumer Reports pulled its “Recommended” score for the Model 3. The recommendation, which was given to the Model 3 year following an over-the-air update that improved the automobile ’s brakes, was pulled over reliability problems.

Jake Fisher, senior manager of Automotive Testing in Consumer Reports, said that the choice to pull the Model 3’so called “Recommended” rating was made after aggregating reports from Tesla owners complaining about the fit and finish of their vehicles. The CR manager added that these problems were present at the Model 3 since the vehicle had a back window which has a stress fracture.

“When we examine the Model 3 lot of those problems are the electronic equipment. There are a few problems replacing the (navigation/infotainment) screens, for instance, however we’ve seen other issues concerning the trim breaking and the glass, even ” he stated

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It ought to be mentioned that while Consumer Reports received many complaints about the Model 3’so reliability also have maintained they are generally satisfied with their vehicles.

“They like their cars, but nevertheless they tell us the truth. They inform us the problems they are having together,” Fisher explained.

In response to the Model 3’s reduced score from the esteemed magazine, also a Tesla spokesperson noted that the problems raised in the complaints Proposed by Consumer Reports have been addressed. The Tesla spokesperson maintained that Tesla is placing an extremely large bar for itself with regards to the Model 3 and its production.

“Not only are our cars best and the safest performing vehicles but we also take comments from our customers execute improvements every single time we hear about problems. That’s only one of the reasons why, in this very same survey from Consumer Reports, Model 3 was rated as the #1 most gratifying car, and why Tesla vehicles have topped Consumer Reports’ Owner Satisfaction survey every year since 2013 — that the very first year Tesla was comprised inside.

“We’re placing an extremely large bar for Model 3. We’ve made considerable improvements to fix any problems that Model 3 customers may have gotten that are referenced within this report, and also our return policy makes it possible for any client who is unhappy with their automobile to return it for a full refund. This new data from Consumer Reports stems from their yearly Owner Satisfaction survey, that runs from July through September, so the vast majority of these issues have been adjusted through design and manufacturing improvements, and we’re already seeing a substantial advancement in our field data. ”

The Tesla Model 3 is not the only vehicle that obtained Consumer Reports’ reduced ratings. Together with the electric sedan will be the Acura RDX, Chrysler 300, and Dodge Charger over problems with in-car electronic equipment, the BMW 5 Series on its multiple troubles with power equipment, and the Volkswagen Tiguan because of problems with body management modules.

As of writing, Tesla is investing in -2.26percent at $295.71 percent share.

Disclosure: I don’t have any ownership in shares of TSLA and don’t have any plans to commence any positions over 72 hours.

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