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Tesla ‘Roadrunner’ site is getting cleaned up ahead of Battery Day


Tesla’s Battery Day is only a couple of days away, as well as the event draws nearer, it appears that the electric automobile maker is beginning to produce its own & ldquo;Roadrunner” website as far as possible to its customers. As can be observed at a recent drone flyover of the pilot battery mobile manufacturing website, the environment of their Kato Road building are now being cleared of equipment and materials, probably in prep for Battery Day. 

The Kato Road facility holds among the most highly-anticipated parts of the upcoming Battery Day occasion . During the event, Tesla is predicted to talk about the work that it has been performing with its own battery technology through recent years. Much of those developments have been significantly theorized, with reports suggesting that Tesla would be talking about the development and capabilities of its next-generation cells, which could last a thousand miles over the street or decades if utilized as energy storage components. 

But beyond those talks, Battery Day will even involve a tour of Tesla’s & “Roadrunner” site, which will be located in Kato Road, close to the Fremont factory. The full particulars of the “Roadrunner” website have not been discussed by Tesla so far, though reports and filings regarding the site have suggested that the place retains the pilot manufacturing line for your electric automobile manufacturer ’s personal custom-designed cells. 

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Interestingly enough, a recent leak reported in EV publication Electrek hinted at what the “Roadrunner” battery cells could look like. Images leaked into the book featured a somewhat hefty mobile that’s far bigger than the 18650 along with 2170 batteries being used by Tesla in its present electric vehicle lineup. Observations and fundamental investigations from Tesla community members with a history in battery technologies have led into the “Roadrunner” mobile potentially adopting a 54&occasions;98 form factor

If such speculations are accurate, Tesla might be heading for whole EV domination using its next-generation batteries. Battery cells that adopt the 54×98 form variable hold about 10 times the quantity of a 2170 mobile, and according to Jordan Giesige of The Limiting Factor channel on YouTube, that introduces several benefits for your electric automobile maker. Together with the bigger cells, for instance, Tesla could equip its vehicles with an order of magnitude fewer cells than previously, resulting in enormous savings in manufacturing expenses. 

These speculations will probably be shown or debunked this forthcoming Battery Day, that will be scheduled for this coming Tuesday, September 22, 2020. Regardless of that, but the Kato Road facility will get even busier in the not too distant future. As mentioned in filings into the City of Fremont, the “Roadrunner” website will be home 45 research and development workers as well as 425 manufacturing workers that are dispersed through several changes from Monday to Friday. This ought to create the “Roadrunner” facility humming along well, and perhaps even generating enough cells such as low-volume vehicles like the Plaid Model S, Plaid Model X, and also the next-generation Roadster. 

View a recent flyover of the “Roadrunner” facility courtesy of Tesla community celebrity Gabeincal in the film below. 

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