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Tesla Sentry Mode captures vandal’s attempt to break Model 3 charging plug


A Tesla Model 3 being billed was exposed to a attack after a group of vandals began to tamper with its own charger. The whole event was caught on one of the Model 3’so called Sentry Mode cameras. Model 3 proprietor and YouTuber Fernando C posted the movie from January 10. He says his automobile was parked at the garage of this Park MGM Casino in Las Vegas at two AM when the episode happened.

1 man perpetrator originally tried to start the motorist ’s side doorway, but he appeared to be unfamiliar with the Model 3’s door handle mechanism and consequently he was ineffective. Another man then walked over and attempted to remove the charger in the Model 3’s charging interface jack with its cable, also to no avail.

After realizing the charger has been secured to the automobile, the man attempted to kick against the charging plug in its side. This was met with no success. Both men decided to kick the car . The Model 3’s alert was subsequently triggered, prompting the two guys to flee the scene.

The description of this movie on YouTube says: “Our Model 3 was able to alarm us that someone was tampering with the automobile at 2am at Vegas. I had Sentry Mode on and it recorded these individuals attempting to break off the charging plug. I was able to record and send this to Park MGM Security. Technology is kind of cool! ”

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While this is another case of hate toward Tesla vehicles and the electrical vehicle neighborhood as a whole, the episode could have been much worse. In the event the vandals succeeded in damaging the charging plug or the Model 3’s charging connector, then the Tesla proprietor would have been exposed to hundreds, or even thousands of dollars, even in fixes.

The charging connector is automatically locked by teslas when it’s plugged and secured. This is one of the principal things which thwarted the vandals in their attempts at dislodging the Model 3’ion charger. While his car was vandalized and possibly damaged the episode could have been much worse.

Teslas are the goal of acts of vandalism in the past. Owners have reported keying, bicycle doubling , ICEing, and “Coal Roll”-styled attacks in the past few months. Damage into charging connectors has also been reported in the past but instances of this occurring are far less frequent.

These attacks prove that the hazing of electric vehicles remains a issue. Some people hold such hatred for sustainability and electrical vehicles that they chose to damage vehicles that people purchased with their hard-earned money for no reason. It will likely be a while before these attempts at vandalism cease. Fortunately, Tesla’s Sentry Mode catches of the vandals in the act and helps owners.

You’re able to see Fernando C’s movie of the Tesla Model 3 being vandalized below.

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