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Tesla to ramps service centers, Superchargers in China ahead of GF3 activation


Since Tesla waits for its permits to begin Model 3 production at Gigafactory 3, the automobile manufacturer is also considering expanding its footprint in the Asian financial superpower by doubling the number of its own repair and maintenance centers and constructing yet another 100 Supercharger stations. The information was shared with Reuters by people. 

With this in mind, Tesla needs to more than double its service centers and increase its fast charging network. That’s an increase of 39 percent in conditions of Supercharger policy, and it must supply Model 3 owners more charging support . This was highlighted by Tesla general director Wang Hao in an announcement to the press outlet. 

“Expanding the service network is important to improve customer confidence,” ” he said, emphasizing that the Supercharger Network ramp in China would embrace a pace that is far faster than previously. 

Documents acquired by Reuters further disclosed that Tesla will be opening new places in the northwestern town of Urumqi, the southwestern city of Kunming and “Ice City” Harbin in the north. This could enable Tesla to target clients which are living outside the nation ’s populous locations. 

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“There is growing sales potential from inland towns, and a need to get ready for growing repair and maintenance demands to avoid complaints,” one of the sources mentioned. 

Apart from these types of updates, the publication’s sources claimed that Tesla is looking to turn a few of its showrooms in China into websites which are dubbed as “Tesla Centers. ” Tesla Centers are reportedly large, one-stop-shops that function as showrooms, shipping centers, service and maintenance websites, and even Superchargers. All these jobs are conducted to further maximize the Tesla ownership experience. 

As of writing, Tesla is yet to confirm or reject the info out of Reuters‘ anonymous resources. 

Tesla’s China initiatives are centered on Gigafactory 3, also a massive electric vehicle manufacturing website built in Shanghai. The centre, which transformed from a muddy plot of land in January to a full-fledged electric car mill in September, will soon produce Made-in-China Model 3, and in the future, the Model Y crossover. 

The Tesla Gigafactory 3 expansion has turned out to be faster than expected, together with the facility entering trial production runs in October instead of Elon Musk’s December 2019 goal. The initial outcome of Gigafactory 3 can be greater than expected, together with Tesla Global VP Grace Tao saying that the Shanghai-based plant will probably aim for a production rate of 3,000 Model 3 per week to begin. To compare, Morgan Stanley analyst Adam Jonas stated that Gigafactory 3 will only produce less than 800 vehicles per week at 2020, also ramp to a rate of 1,100 Model 3 per week at 2021.

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