Home News Tesla vandal poses for Sentry Mode before aggressively stabbing Model 3 tires

Tesla vandal poses for Sentry Mode before aggressively stabbing Model 3 tires


A video has surfaced with a guy in CA slashing a Tesla Model 3’therefore tire, leaving the belief the vandalism incidents against all-electric vehicles is far from over.

A YouTube accounts by the title of Le Go submitted a movie on December 4 of a guy stabbing one of the Model 3’s tires through a particularly rainy night. Lately, the vandal really seemed like he was conscious he was being recorded, looking directly at the Model 3’s facet cameras prior to pulling out a pocket knife, pulling his mobile phone flashlight , also then dropping his bags of groceries. Then he proceeded to stab the Model 3’s scooter occasions.

The guy did look around for many others in the region to make sure no one was watching him. Luckily, the automobile he vandalized was shooting the whole action on camera with a transparent image of his encounter.

Permit 'this man is caught by s! Spread the word: A vandal arming at a tire of a Tesla Model 3. Video: https://t.co/ow7G0iJgnO pic.twitter.com/0HfSRnloPh

— Tesletter (@tesletter) December 5, 2019

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The Tesla Model 3 owner provided some background on the incident in the description of the YouTube upload.

“The incident occurred around 3 AM when the car was parked from the leasing office of a apartment community at Newport Beach, CA. When I discovered a few of the tires was flat on my way to work, I checked that the recordings produced by the car. Its Sentry mode saves videos of activities around the car from 4 cameras, one on each side.

After I got a loaner wheel from Tesla I brought the signs to the police station. I was advised by the police that there were other cars in the same area which had their tires slashed the same night. Apparently, the crime was not Tesla-targeting, however, it was a Tesla Model 3 which caught the suspect. The analysis is ongoing. I’ll keep you posted. If you happen to know this man, please call NBPD. ”

In the past couple of months, Sentry Mode has captured many events of Tesla vehicles being targeted from attacks. The hottest type of vandalism is keying, but Sentry Mode and Tesla’s Dashcam have managed to catch many distinct forms of hazing, including a current “Coal Roll” attack from Miami, Florida. Fortunately, many of these culprits and perpetrators have been brought to justice.

The targeting of those events is eye-opening to get a community of individuals that are driving cars which help our environment. There’s an hatred of electrical vehicles by individuals, and the reasons are unknown. But, Sentry Mode provides Tesla owners the opportunity to catch the perpetrators on camera, even an edge which other auto brands do not have.

You can see Le Go’s movie of the Tesla Model 3.

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