Tesla’s new Tilburg site hints at new storage and parts center ahead of Model 3 EU push



Tesla appears to be expanding its activities from Tilburg, Netherlands, since the company has acquired a major centre in the region. The yet-to-be declared complex lengths 387,500 square feet (36,000 square meters) and can be situated at Vossenbergseweg, near Tesla’s gathering plant and delivery center.

The electric automobile maker’s activities were originally shared online by Tesla owner-enthusiast Hans Noordsij, that noticed that he was tipped off in the facility lately. Tesla has been tight-lipped about the intention behind the new site, together with local news book AD.nl allegedly being not able to find information about the new facility in the electric automobile manufacturer. In an announcement on Teslarati, Hans noticed that when he asked about the new site during a service appointment for his Model S, Tesla’s personnel at the service center also failed to confirm the purpose of the centre.

Tesla’s Tilburg, NL site. [Credit: Hans Noordsij/Twitter]

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While the essence of this new site stays unannounced, there looks like a fantastic likelihood that the 387,500-square-foot centre would be utilized to prepare for the likely influx of vehicles to the region resulting from the upcoming Model 3 push. Contemplating that Tesla includes an delivery and assembly plant, as well as a sales and service center, in Tilburg, the new centre could act as a location where parts for vehicles would be stored and distributed. Hans, for his part, he noted that Tesla already adopts this strategy today, but on a much smaller scale.

As more automobiles saturate the NL and places, the firm would need. This is very true with regards to the forthcoming arrival of this Model 3, and it can be expected to start deliveries in the region sometime next year. Possessing a dedicated site for electric car parts distribution would finally help Tesla in its push to enhance the ramp of its service centers, which are capable of addressing repairs. 

In some EU areas such as Norway, after all, Tesla is struggling to expand its service centers, leading in some automobile owners experiencing long wait times before even repairs have been addressed. Elon Musk personally addressed on Twitter past July, stating that owners are “right to become angry with Tesla” considering the company’s incapability to have vehicles repaired in a timely way.

Tesla’s Tilburg, NL site could play an essential role in the upcoming Model 3 push in the region. 

In case Tesla’s initiatives from the United States are any indication, however, the organization appears to have found a remedy to reduce the waiting times for automobile repairs. Through the use of in-house service centers, Tesla is now starting to attain turnaround times for vehicles’ repairs and service. 1 such example was shared earlier this month from the proprietors of this LikeTesla YouTube station, whose Model 3 has been involved in an collision. Using an in-house agency center, the Model 3 owners could receive their electric sedan completely repaired — complete with a new automobile, a new headlight, a fresh front fender — in just 25 hours.

Tesla doesn’t mean to stop there. In an update on Twitter past August, Elon Musk noticed that Tesla is intending to achieve same-day body repairs utilizing pre-stocked parts at service centers. Bearing this in mind, Tesla’s Tilburg facility could be a sign that quicker turnaround times for vehicle repairs from the region may be just round the corner. 

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