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The Obamas are worth at least $40 million — take a look at how they make and spend their money


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Barack Obama is 59 today.
He has a net value of $40 million, based on a 2019 GoBankingRates quote.
Besides the six-figure pension he receives as a former president, Obama has generated countless speaking his best-selling novels.
Former first woman Michelle Obama‘s memoir”Becoming” was the bestselling book of 2018.
While Obama spends his money in various wayshe enjoys to contribute to charity and take family holidays.
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Former President Barack Obama celebrated his 59th birthday now.

He and former first lady Michelle Obama are a busy couple. From speaking at events across the world to writing memoirs and registering up a gigantic production deal with Netflix, that the Obamas’ life after the White House has been full and very lucrative.

For her part, Michelle Obama’s memoir “Becoming” was published in November 2018 and became the year’s No. 1 best-selling book. On Thursday, she announced she’ll be hosting an exclusive podcast with Spotify.

These endeavors — along with the six-figure pension all former presidents receive — have significantly contributed to the Obamas’ web worth, which can be at least 40 million, based on a 2018 GoBankingRates quote. The New York Post recently pegged their luck much bigger, at $135 million.

From philanthropic efforts to vacationing where sunlight shines to creating lasting investments in his brothers’ education, here is how the Obamas invest their luck.

The Obamas entered the White House with a $1.3 million net value in 2008. That has climbed to $40 million, based on a 2018 estimation.

Source: American University, CNN Money, GoBankingRates

From 2005 (if Barack Obama joined the US Senate) to 2016, the Obamas gained a total of $20.5 million from his government wages, book royalties, investment earnings, along with Michelle Obama’s earnings from her job at University of Chicago Hospitals earlier she turned into the first woman.
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Source: Forbes

Obama gained $400,000 annually throughout his eight years as presidentand he brings an yearly pension of approximately $200,000 as a former president.
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Source: GoBankingRates

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