Home News Toyota debuts bZ4X SUV concept, kicking off its 15 electric vehicle lineup

Toyota debuts bZ4X SUV concept, kicking off its 15 electric vehicle lineup


Toyota debuted its bZ4X BEV concept recently and simultaneously announced plans to make 15 new battery electric vehicles under the bZ (Beyond Zero) moniker.

Toyota’s bZ4X SUV was jointly developed with Subaru, featuring the new e-TNGA BEV-dedicated platform. The bZ4x combines Toyota’s focus on quality, durability, and reliability with Subaru’s AWD capabilities. The Japanese automaker plans to produce the bZ4X SUV in Japan and China and begin worldwide sales by mid-2022.

(Credit: Toyota)

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The bZ4X SUV will be the first vehicle in Toyota’s bZ (Beyond Zero) lineup. The Japanese OEM plans to expand its global electric lineup with 70 models by 2025. Toyota’s green lineup includes 15 battery electric vehicles (BEV), seven of which will fall under the bZ brand and carry its moniker. Rumors have spread that Toyota may seek Tesla’s help with the development of its electric vehicle lineup.

Toyota also plans to release hydrogen fuel cell electrics and more hybrids, including plug-in hybrids. The legacy automaker intends to introduce an electrified pickup truck lineup with hybrid or BEV powertrains. Toyota wants to reach carbon neutrality by 2050 and hopes its electrified lineup will help the company achieve its goal.

“The Toyota bZ4X concept points to yet another option in our already robust electrified portfolio,” said Bob Carter, TMNA executive vice president of sales. “At Toyota, we are a human-centered company – the customer is our CEO and will ultimately decide which technologies will carry us toward a carbon-neutral future. With investments and product offerings across the spectrum of electrification, we intend to be there with products and technologies that meet the diverse needs of customers around the world.”

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